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A message from 505 Games was shared to Assetto Corsa Competizione 9th generation console players who have been growing restless waiting for news on game updates.

Kunos and 505 Games have enjoyed the success of Assetto Corsa Competizione, though most of the praise for the title has centred around the PC version. Last summer, Kunos held a live event to tell the world that ACC would be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles officially, and would be optimized to take advantage of the newest generation of hardware.

Since the Gen 9 console launch earlier this year, news has been sparse regarding when the newest console versions would be updated to match the experience and content PC users enjoy.

A post shared by 505's Samuel Sage wasn't the definitive news console players have been searching for, though it did directly cite a future update to version 1.8+ and forthcoming DLC releases.

Sage noted that the Gen 9 conversion was handled by Untold Games rather than Kunos, and the Untold team has been hard at work on a preliminary Xbox patch to prepare the title for future hotpatch updates. This preliminary patch should be published in the coming weeks.

Improvements to the game's multiplayer experience and graphical updates should be published soon. The much anticipated version 1.8 patch will be shared to players, though the date of this update's release will not be confirmed until later this month.

So, this post didn't give players much specificity about when updates will come and what they will entail, but the resolution of the issues may finally be coming into focus. Be sure to share your thoughts on this post in the comments below.
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These days it makes a bit of a change for a game to be ported from PC to console when the current trend is the other way around.

And what I read between the lines into that statement is that Kunos have told 505 games straight and in no uncertain terms that they have absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for console port and whatever associated delays and screw-ups that involves, and that it should be public knowledge that they do have nothing to do with the console versions.
Agreed. The current PCs, with all the pecularities, is the best entertainment machine, ever been
been built. Seen this from many
new members who made the switch. All happy faces.. :)

If 505 screw it up badly, doing the port to consoles, we will read about that later... in big fonts,
I guess. :)

However, doing a great job with it,
I lift my hat.. and the sales will be
good. Hoping for the best, as always. :thumbsup: Good luck, 505.
[ Thank you, Mike ! ]
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Pc is a "must have" change we can make online races with 83 drivers on Spa or 108 on Suzuka, apart from liveries made with PS and many things, maybe could be time to jump to Pc system, i have Friends that made It and they are very happy with it
I guess I should be thankful to 505 because their shoddy handling of the last and current gen ports of ACC pushed me toward buying a PC for the first time in my life and I'll never look back.

Unfortunately, ACC on PS5 is a bit of a dog. Sure, it's the best handling and sounding motorsport game to ever grace a console (which is great!) but there's just no getting away from how rough it still is. I've enjoyed some great racing on the PS5 but I constantly had to live in denial regarding the quality of the experience that I could be having.

I'm kicking myself for leaving it so long to move to PC (literally decades!). The quality and variety of the experiences on offer, be it sim racing or any other form of computer game or simulation, is truly astonishing.

I played and enjoyed the first AC on PS4 despite it being a shockingly incomplete port. It was also the first sim I played on my new RTX 3070 build, in full 4K with framerates in the treble digits. And with a new UI and so many high quality mods that it is, in effect, a fundamentally different experience to what's on console. Being a life-long console player, I've always had one eye on what my chosen games were missing when compared to the PC verison. And I think there's a good argument to be made that there has never been a bigger disparity between PC and console versions than there is with AC.

If you're a console player and into sim racing, then please, please, please move heaven and earth to switch to PC. The difference is almost indescribable.
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