Assetto Corsa Competizione | Consoles Release Dates and Times

Are you waiting for the digital release of Assetto Corsa Competizione on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X?

The PS5 and Xbox Series S/X versions of Assetto Corsa Competizione will feature free private lobbies for up to 30 players online, 60 fps at 4K resolution and free upgrades with game save transfers for those who already own ACC on PS4 and Xbox.

The latest console version will be version 1.7 and will be missing features that are available with the 1.8 update. In the 1.8 update we saw a balance of performance across vehicles, revised physics, changes to track limits and a new photo mode.

However the new version for Console users will include the new BMW M4 GT3.

LAFeb 2209:00 PST
New YorkFeb 2212:00 EST
LondonFeb 2217:00 GMT
MadridFeb 2218:00 CET
ParisFeb 2218:00 CET
BerlinFeb 2218:00 CET
WarsawFeb 2218:00 CET
RomeFeb 2218:00 CET
Cape TownFeb 2219:00 SAST
MoscowFeb 2220:00 MSK
DubaiFeb 2221:00 GST
BangkokFeb 2422:00 ICT
SeoulFeb 2308:00 KST
Hong KongFeb 2323:00 HKT
TokyoFeb 2400:00 JST
SydneyFeb 2204:00 AEDT
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I´ll wish good luck to Kunos in ACC console, i hope they became a referring in console too, i think they not forget PC users and release that new fresh content we are waiting during months.
Good luck and pedal to the end!!
I bought ACC on console and PC. As I switch between PC and Console gaming. I tend to finish my console gaming session with a quick blast on ACC. So I'm looking forward to the PS5 upgrade.
Perhaps there are more console players than VR players.
Absolutely Damian, console is a big (maybe their main) focus i imagine.

Even so, as a paying customer, i am well within my rights to say their VR implementation is extremely poor and would like as a paying customer for them to improve it drastically.
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Perhaps there are more console players than VR players.
Well you are right, but AFAIK Kunos don‘t have anything to do with the console ports, other than providing the relevant resources to the porting studio hired by 505 Games.

So in theory Kunos could dig deep and sort out the VR, but in truth the problem apparently lies with some implementation choices with the UE4 engine made by Kunos right at the beginning, while they were unfamiliar with that development engine, that makes good VR nigh on impossible without a significant refactoring of the existing codebase - a complete rewrite in effect.

Hopefully Kunos have learnt a lot with ACC and now know what to do to bring a good VR experience to AC2, assuming they carry on with Unreal Engine.

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