1. MarcusPilk

    Sell [UK] Moza R12, KS Wheel, CS V2 Wheel, Brook Ras1ution

    Hi all, looking to see if I get some interest in my Moza gear as I've just upgraded to a Simucube. Bought everything from Abruzzi new and have the boxes for all the Moza bits. For those that don't know - the Ras1ution allows you to use Simagic/Moza gear on PS5. It works by emulating the wheel...
  2. 0ddba11

    Black Dragonfang Racing V1.0

    Here is the Black Dragonfang Racing, GT4 Audi R8. Here is the Rear View Here is the Front View
  3. Top 10 Best PS5 Racing Games, 2024

    Top 10 Best PS5 Racing Games, 2024

    With the majority of RaceDepartment readers seemingly PC users, we understand this list may not be of direct relevance – but we hope you find it interesting to see what other platforms offer at present, and you may have a friend or relative whose primary system is a PS5. Let us know your...
  4. J

    Sell Complete SimRig for sale, PS5 & Gaming PC

    Selling complete sim rig - Facebook ad below with complete items and pictures, but to summarise what’s available: Cube PC - custom build (GeForce RTX 3060 ti) - details in pictures - £750 PS5 - digital, one controller - £350 Fanatec CSL DD 8nm (PS/PC version) - £400 Fanatec Formula v2 wheel -...
  5. Assetto Corsa Competizione 1.8 Hitting Consoles September 29

    Assetto Corsa Competizione 1.8 Hitting Consoles September 29

    A long wait for Playstation and Xbox players of Assetto Corsa Competizione is finally coming to an end. The massive physics overhaul of ACC 1.8 is finally coming to both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S! Featuring improved tyre model 400 Hz physics engine extended gameplay settings the all...
  6. Dakar Desert Rally Available to Pre-Order, Launching October 4th

    Dakar Desert Rally Available to Pre-Order, Launching October 4th

    Dakar Desert Rally, the latest game by Portuguese game development studio Saber Porto, is right around the corner. The game is now available to pre-order on all digital storefronts. Features of Dakar Desert Rally Promising an authentic Dakar Rally experience, the studio promises over 30 stages...
  7. Metacritic users rate Gran Turismo 7 the worst Sony game ever

    Metacritic users rate Gran Turismo 7 the worst Sony game ever

    As of today March 22nd 2022, Gran Turismo 7 has a score of 1.8 on Metacritic. So far there have been 6377 ratings, 886 of which are positive, 155 mixed, and 5366 negative reviews which makes GT7 the worst Sony game ever. Gran Turismo 7 scores started to plummet when the servers went down on...
  8. Assetto Corsa Competizione | Consoles Release Dates and Times

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | Consoles Release Dates and Times

    Are you waiting for the digital release of Assetto Corsa Competizione on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X? The PS5 and Xbox Series S/X versions of Assetto Corsa Competizione will feature free private lobbies for up to 30 players online, 60 fps at 4K resolution and free upgrades with game save...
  9. K

    DualSenseXLink - DualSense Adaptive Trigger and LED Effects 0.1

    Requires DualSenseX by Paliverse DualSenseXLink Unofficial companion app for DualSenseX by Paliverse. Utilizing DualSenseX's built-in localhost UDP communication, DualSenseXLink sends telemetry-based commands to modulate the DualSense controller's...
  10. HacBass

    F1 2021 - SimHub Dashboard 2.0

    Simhub Dashboard for F1 2021 Works with PS4, PC , XBOX (ALL), PS5. Please, donate e help the project!! Please, subscribe and help the channel! Race Screen Others Screens Yellow Flag Blue Flag Pit Limiter Brake Bias Differencial ERS IDLE Screen Last Lap Safety Car SimHub is required...
  11. HeskeyBoy21

    Williams Sony's PlayStation 5 Pack 1.01

    "I remember trying out a new idea for the Williams F1 team back on new year's eve in 2020. This became the popular Sony's PlayStation 5 Williams Skin Pack. I received overwhelming reviews and comments about my work and have recently become very motivated to create a 2021 livery for Williams. I...
  12. MotoGP 21 | The Best Bike Racing Game To Date? Now Available

    MotoGP 21 | The Best Bike Racing Game To Date? Now Available

    Milestone have released what could be the finest MotoGP racing title to date, with the launch of the brand-new 2021 season replicating MotoGP 21. Available now on console and PC. New career mode features. Long lap and rider fall controls added. Having undergone considerable development over...
  13. RickJanB

    Sony F1 Team 1.0

    Hello F1 fans, This is the car livery of my Sony F1 Team (Only for My Team, using Ego ERP) It replaces the Racenet livery Let me know if you like it and ask for questions, enjoy! Also join my discord server: Please donate so I can make much more content...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    GT7 Gran Turismo 7 | Release Delayed Until 2022

    Bad days for Gran Turismo fans recently as the iconic Japanese franchise has reportedly decided to delay release of GT7 for another 12 months, putting go live day well into 2022 at the very earliest. A cult franchise on the Sony PlayStation console, the Gran Turismo series of games...
  15. G

    GT7 Gran Turismo 7 PC

    Hello everyone, It's 2021 and it turns out that some exclusives games still exist such as Gran Turismo 7. At the last news, whether it's this car game or another one (on XBOX, PC, other), the car games only represent a small part of the games sold. So, for me I consider it a hostage taking to...
  16. KG Design

    PS5 Concept Livery - RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    PlayStation 5 Concept Livery - 2020 Edition Half-matte white base covered with PlayStation symbols, combined with glossy piano black and few blue accents. It took me about a week to design this livery. I put all my heart into this project so I hope you like it :) Be sure to follow my Instagram...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    GT7 Gran Turismo 7 | Check Out The First Next Gen Gran Turismo 7 Trailer

    Polyphony Digital and Sony have revealed the very first trailer for Gran Turismo 7 - set to debut on the next generation Sony PS 5, likely set to launch towards the end of the year. We all pretty much knew the brand new PS5 would feature the latest and greatest from Polyphony Digital, and it...

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