Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.7.13 Update Released

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A small hotfix has been released for Assetto Corsa Competizione on Steam including livery updates and small UI and gameplay fixes.

Sim racers playing Assetto Corsa Competizione on PC will find a small hotfix available to them the next time they load Steam. This is the first news from Kunos and 505 Games in what should be a busy period for the teams.

Assetto Corsa tweeted a vague message to its fans about news that will be announced on August 27th. “Mark your diaries! Stay tuned for more info…” is all that’s been shared so far, but be sure to check back with RaceDepartment later this week as we’ll be covering the announcement in detail.

Also from the 505 Games team, we’ve been teased with news of the mobile version of Assetto Corsa. The word of a forthcoming mobile version has been predictably met with mixed reactions from the sim community, with opinions spanning a range from the positivity of having access to AC wherever we go to the negativity of the limited controller and graphical possibilities of mobile devices.

The news to start this week, however, was a modest change to Assetto Corsa Competizione on PC. Two new liveries have been added, including a new Bentley livery and an addition to the BMW Sim Time Attack liveries.
There were also some livery fixes made to other cars in the game, but the specifics of those updates were not detailed in the changelog.

Some minor changes were made to the User Interface as detailed in the changelog below, along with a fix for duplicate entries when running Sprint Championship mode.

The update is live now on Steam. Be sure to let us know your predictions for the announcement on Friday in the comments below.

v1.7.13 Hotfix Update Changelog​

  • Bonus livery for the “BMW Sim Time Attack” series
  • Bonus Fanatec-Bentley livery
  • Fixed duplicate entries in Sprint Championship mode
  • Fixed scaling and alignment issues with the updated pedal widget
  • Fixed double highlight of certain items in the Game Mode menu
  • Fix an inconsistency in rating readouts (it might require further backend update in order to take full effect)
  • Minor livery fixes
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Does anyone know why the 2021 GPX livery in the game doesn't include the Martini sponsorship?
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I dont know if is my pc.

but in ACC i have a problem that after like 10-15 minutes the game suddenly changes to window mod

Anyone else?
Hmm... what would be the upcoming announcement about? Maybe about new ACC's tracks or cars? or maybe about AC 2?
Some reason had the hotfix yesterday, but reading what included the patch, tells me there is more in the patch that we don't know, size was 2,4 gb, pre-patch for the news off 27th?
Excited with every new patch/update.. in the hope that it finally includes DLSS to "fix the VR performance" but no.. still not a word on it.
I don't know what happened, but I got back into ACC after few months and few updates and now I am getting lower FPS (around 70) and micro stuttering, which really makes it a worse experience when compared to AC.
I don't know what happened, but I got back into ACC after few months and few updates and now I am getting lower FPS (around 70) and micro stuttering, which really makes it a worse experience when compared to AC.
I'm also getting a lot of micro stuttering in AI races. Quitting ACC and then launching it again cures the problem, at least for the first race.

The longer ACC is running the worse the problem seems to get.
Oh man, i might be getting way too over excited about this but since I figured out the 0 lock trick my experience of this sim has gone from liking it, to fecking loving it! So I'm well up for more content or development! I would love to see Magny Cours in the sim, loved that track since i was introduced to it in GTR2 but sadly its not officially in any of the modern sims these days. Maybe its not that though, maybe new cars, whatever, like i said im probably way too over excited, but I hope its summit good!

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