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Our friend Boonatix has rediscovered RaceRoom recently and he's impressed. Stefan takes a look at the differences between the Audi R8 GT4 in ACC and R3E in his latest video.

I've said it before, and I will say it again, RaceRoom is massively underrated. Now, I know we have a lot of RaceRoom fans on this site so if you are already converted then, high five, you're a legend. But for those who haven't tried it or haven't played it for some time, now is the time to give it another go.

The latest update to the FFB and physics in RaceRoom has propelled the sim to new heights in terms of driving feel (at least in my opinion) and puts it well and truly up there will the other big hitters in the industry, one of which being ACC of course.

Boonatix takes a look at the differences between the two sims using the same car and track combo and if you're a die hard ACC fan the results might surprise you. This is not a "My sim is better than your sim" video this is just Stefan taking a look at where things are different or similar. Stefan is a big fan of ACC so I think like most of us he was intrigued to see how the two compared. He also admits to not being an alien and his laps could be cleaner so go easy on our Austrian friend, I know I couldn't lap that consistently :roflmao:

What do you guys think? Personally I think for GT3 and GT4 I still prefer ACC, but let's remember that ACC is a specialised sim so that is probably to be expected. However, there is so much to race with on RaceRoom you could play for years and not get bored of the content. My hope is by sharing this video is that it exposes R3E to a few more people and we can continue to se R3E grow.

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If you're not a familiar with Stefan he makes sim racing videos on YouTube and has a decent sim racing community (which I raced in last night and won somehow) so please go and check his channel. You can also join his Discord Server here.

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