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Reiza Studios has posted an update to Automobilista 2 on Steam, bringing further improvements to the Porsche Cup, fixing the DPi AI bug, and a number of other improvements.

A follow up to the major update that came to Automobilista 2 last week has been released. Reiza Studios made the changes live over the past weekend, which brought a variety of fixes.

Among the changes are further improvements to the Porsche Cup cars, which have already received an abundance of refinements this month.

Interestingly, one of the focuses of the version release are in-car gauges. Many of the classic open wheel race cars in AMS2 have improved gauges, which should add to immersion for those racing without a HUD or in VR.

Have you tried this or any of the recent updates to Automobilista 2? Let us know your thoughts on the title in the comments below.



  • Ginetta G55 (both models): Adjusted front splitter height sensitivity & reduced rear wing efficiency (both models)
  • McLaren 720S GT3: further adjustments to default setup to reduce low speed cornering instability, particularly when tires are overheating; increased 6th gear length; adjusted default traction control & engine braking (setup reset required)
  • Porsche Cup (both models): Revised tire model to more closely simulate Michelin N2 Hard slicks; Slightly raised rear roll center by adjusting rear upper suspension arm angle; minor adjustments to stiffness distribution and low speed damping; minor differential adjustment (setup reset required)
  • Ultima GTR Race: Minor FFB adjustments
  • Improved AI paths for Oulton Park (all layouts)
  • Cadillac DPi: Adjusted AI suspension rate multipliers causing poor AI performance on updated physics
  • Porsche 911 Cup (both models): Fixed engine pitch discrepancy between external / chase cam view sound and cockpit audio
  • Oulton Park: Minor optimization to garage building interior; Minor track cut limit adjustments
  • Rebuilt bollard physics export to fix excessive damage to player car at Oulton & Cadwell Park
  • Metalmoro MRX P3 / P4: New & updated liveries
  • Stock Car Pro 2022: Updated Bruno Baptista Toyota Corolla livery
  • Added dirt maps to F-V10 Gen2, F-V12, Ginetta G40 (both models), Sigma P1 & Opala (all models)
  • Revised functionality of analogue gauges in F-Vintage, F-Retro Gen1 & Lotus 23
  • F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Updated gauges texture F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Corrected oil and water gauges
  • Brabham BT26: Fixed gauges issue F-Vintage G1/2 M1/2: Fixed gauges issue Lotus 23: Fixed oil and water gauge issue
  • Ultima GTR Street: fixed graphical height offset causing car body to sit high over the wheels
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I like it, but only play it for the retro F1 and on the retro tracks. love the old track layouts :)
This is the thing that interests me the most about AMS2 (and even AMS1) aswell. Reiza allways found the right sweetspot for content and how to distribute it and they are basicly the last studio to not treat historic racing like some side project. It's part of the AMS DNA wich is pretty nice from my POV and I wish other studios would follow that example. A WSC 70s game like ACC would make be insta buy such a product. The track list alone for such a game would make it no brainer. Sadly the historic cars in AMS2 haven't really clicked for me. I drive the PCC and the CART stuff once in a while, but it doesn't catch me over longer times. I also wish there was a Cup Car without ABS to make things abit more exciting.
Just tested and I've noticed a very old annoying thing about the AI that are still here since release day. For example with the f1 U2 at Imola, AI level 95 , the 10 first cars can do around 1:16 which is very fast for race pace already....then AI 92 same thing, the 10 first cars can do 1:16 ..then Ai 85 same the 10 first cars can do around 1:16. So for example if you have 1:20 (real life F1 2022 pilot pace) lap time you will never be able to have the same pace as the 10 first cars. Inversely, if you set the AI at 80 level they are very dumb. No way to have a sweet spot. Not a surprise that new players are bored with the single player very quickly. Anyway the cup cars don't yet drive like race car, still slide a lot especially the 3L version.
Just tested Mclaren, Ginetta and Porsche Cup - all they are amazing. In Mclaren now ABS works like in other simulators, before cars was spining then you are turning the wheel while brankig even with ABS, now they don't. Just had a 30 minutes race with AI on Mclaren and it's now best GT3 expiriens in all racing games!
Non-stop updates. Road to perfection. That GT1 car is a controllable beast most people
will enjoy the most. And the GT3 cars are becoming the best in the business.

People must be very happy with AMS 2, and Reiza of course. Congrats, and keep it up!

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