Last Chance To Enter ‘Holiday Logistics’ Modding Contest

Announced on Christmas day last year, the modding contest is based around the theme of ‘Holiday Logistics’ and draws to a close on the 29th of February. From vehicles to themed races, the BeamNG community has proven why it is one of the most active and creative fanbases.


You can modify a pre-built map into a seasonal trucking route or simply create a fully custom livery for your favourite vehicle. There are lots of different avenues to explore when it comes to your mod. The best bet for success will be to be individual and steer clear of generic ideas. Messing around with JBeam’s and adding quirky new ideas into your mod is the best way to attract attention.

The contest doesn’t allow stealing from other creators, of course, but collaborations are encouraged.

How To Enter The Modding Contest​

With the release of version 0.31 back in mid-December, the revitalised T-Series truck is a major benefactor in this competition. Modders can enter their creations in the following categories:

  • Vehicles/props, vehicle/prop modifications with accompanying configs
  • Automation creations
  • Maps, map modifications
  • Gameplay (missions, scenarios)
As with any supported BeamNG mod, every entry must be submitted and uploaded to the official repository. No mod that was published before the modding contest was announced can be submitted as an entry. The theming requirements must be met for a user to be eligible for the contest. Your mod should be shared through the dedicated forum thread as well to verify your competition entry.

The original competition deadline was around the middle of January, however, repository issues have forced the hand of the developers to extend the deadline until February 29th to allow for fair testing and reviewing.


  • 1st place – $300, 1x set of exclusive BeamNG posters, game keys (3x BeamNG & 3x Automation + DLC), 1x winner’s certificate
  • 2nd place – $150, 1x set of exclusive BeamNG posters, game keys (2x BeamNG & 2x Automation + DLC)
  • 3rd place – $50, 1x set of exclusive BeamNG posters, game keys (1x BeamNG & 1x Automation + DLC)
  • Best entry in the Automation category will receive exclusive prizes from the Automation team

image Credit: Schmitti

Judging Criteria​

  • Originality: Are you trailblazing a path with your creation? Is your mod bringing something unique to the BeamNG universe? With these criteria, we’re primarily evaluating the originality of your concept, not necessarily its execution.
  • Challenge: Does your submission embody the spirit of holiday logistics?
  • Visuals: Does it look good? Here we’ll evaluate the quality of details, models, and textures.
  • Realism: BeamNG is all about authenticity. While we’re eager to see creative and wild modifications, keeping it real is part of the deal. Is your Jbeam accurate and flawless? Does your map have the correct ground models, altitude, and density?
  • Presentation: How you present your mod also matters. Does your repository page offer sufficient information and a backstory about your creation? Maybe you have a video showcasing its key features?
  • Creativity: How well did you execute your original concept into a mod? Every project presents its unique set of challenges. How did you tackle these challenges?
The judging criteria were ported from the official announcement page. The emphasis on originality and quality will ensure the highest quality mods make it to the last stages. Plus, having to wow both the community and the judges adds an extra bit of challenge to the contest.

If you happen to be struggling for inspiration, check out our Top 5 Tracks and Top 5 Cars lists for a pointer on what the community loves to play.

Modding Contest Submission Example​

The Mio Kibo by M4rviiin is a late 1990s pickup truck with a towing capacity of 2000kg. The mod includes:

  • Selectable Christmas-inspired parts
  • Animated interior
  • Working mirrorsWorking tow hitch
  • Working snorkel
  • Working rear fog light
  • Working parking lights
  • Working license plate lights
  • Customizable license plates
  • 3 unique configurations
  • It has a speed boost and can fly for a few seconds
image_2024-02-22_160221136.pngKibo 2.jpg
Image Credit: M4rviiin

What would you create for the ‘Holiday Logistics’ themed BeamNG modding contest? Let us know over on X @OverTake_GG or down in the comments below!
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Have had a look and watched some You Tube videos on the 'Automation' software along with 'JBeams' etc in BeamNG:geek:....have to add this to the long list of things to do in BeamNG:)

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