BMW M4 GT3 Coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione BMW M4 GT3 01.jpg
An update due to be released this week for Assetto Corsa Competizione on PC will include the BMW M4 GT3.

There’s a common sentiment that time heals all wounds. Apparently, it can make cars look better too. The BMW M4 GT3’s styling, particularly in the front, was widely criticized when the car was first showcased. But some teaser images of the virtual version coming later this week to ACC are looking great.

The car announcement was part of the second wave of teasers for the upcoming Competizione update, which will include the M4 as free DLC, an update to the Unreal Engine, DLSS and FSR support, and physics and tire model update.

This is all we can share for now, but check back with RD later this week, as we’ll be covering the update in greater detail closer to the public release date.
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Well there's the reason everyone needed to get the new fanatec wheel!
Then you can race with the real wheel that your sim car shows on the screen :D
Gotta love how ACC keeps on getting better and better. Still kinda undecided about the looks of that Bimmer but it should drive great
Great news, looking forward to the free additional BMW, also looking forward to update to the Unreal Engine and also DLSS. :)
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