Brands Hatch Announced for rFactor 2

One classic British track had already been announced by Studio 397, another followed suit very soon: After Donington Park was confirmed, the upcoming rFactor 2 content drop scheduled will also feature Brands Hatch. Both circuits are set to be available in May – and they will likely not be the only tracks to come to the sim.

Formula 1 raced 14 times at the classic English track between 1964 and 1986, twice for the European Grand Prix. The World Sportscar Championship and even the Champ Car series staged races at Brands – there is barely any series on two or four wheels that has not been there at all.

Just like in Donington’s case, a community-made version of the track is available in the Steam Workshop, which is likely going to be replaced by the brand-new laser scanned version. Both the full layout and the shorter Indy variant will be part of the content drop.

Further content announcements will be coming before the release in May, according to Studio 397. This week, another piece of content is expected to be revealed – a candidate would be Oulton Park, which would fit perfectly with the tracks that have been announced so far.

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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I will wait for a bundle. No way on day1. I got the feeling they sell the fresh DLC seperately to make a few bucks more and then bundle the new stuff a week later.
They bundled the first bunch of stuff in January (as in it came out as a bundle the same day everything was released) - I can only presume they will do the same again this time around :)
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All the Motorsport Games logos make me feel ill, so gutted they bought Rfactor 2 hope studio 397 dont get affected by all the MSG crap going off but i fear the worse
Yeah, after reading a fair few things about the CEO, MSG just seems dodgy.
I just hope they can get some more AI fixes done before it all goes tits up :D
Club Staff
Meh... every time the same racetracks. Donington Park... Brands Hatch... Donington Park... Brands Hatch. What about the other great circuits like Knockhill, Thruxton, Oulton Park!? It would be greate to finally see one of them in rF2.

I would guess 2 more items in the Q2 bundle.
Right now it feels like this is bleeding from the BTCC-game we probably won't see.
We have a pretty nice Oulton. Would be awesome with an official though. One of my fav track due to the speed and elevation changes. Brands and Donnington official is nice though.
I guess the BTCC game isn’t coming… lol if this isn’t indicative of that amidst the MSG drama I don’t know what is.. shame, the potential this title had
Great to have more quality tracks from S397, hopping even more contend created with the MSG licenses get released before the ship sinks.
I just wish for the gMotor engine to continue evolving and support developers that endure the crunch sprints.
It's understandable to release popular venues, else there wouldn't be any sales, but do a Q drop and also release a free track in the workshop from a exotic location, more revenues and more content for people that is looking to get in to the simulator.
Also, some love to the legacy contend is always welcome.

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