Dakar Desert Rally Classic Vehicles Pack Out Now

Yesterday, Saber Interactive launched the latest DLC for its Dakar Desert Rally game. The Classic Vehicles Pack introduces two new legendary cars from the race's past and comes alongside an update for the title.

Image Credit: Saber Interactive

Upon launch, Dakar Desert Rally came out with a road map detailing upcoming DLC packages and game updates. One that grabbed fans' attention was the Classic Vehicles Pack. Now, the DLC is out to purchase introducing a pair of historical legends.

First up is the Porsche 959. Originally a Group B creation based on the iconic supercar of the 1980's, this racer dominated the car class of the 1986 running of the Paris-Dakar. Decorated in its gorgeous Rothmans colours, the 959 is a four-wheel-drive, 400-horsepower weapon powered by a 3-litre flat-six engine.

The second car included in the pack is the massive Tatra 815. In its red and white factory racing colours, the 815 took a class win in the 1988 Dakar Rally. In a true show of power, this would be the first of six class wins for the Tatra truck before 2001. Whilst not as memorable as the Porsche, the Tatra certainly deserves its place, immortalised in the official Dakar game.

These two models make up the bulk of the latest update to Dakar Desert Rally. The DLC pack costs $9.99/9.99€ although those with the Season Pass version of the game get the two vehicles for free.

Dakar Desert Rally Update 1.9​

Alongside the DLC pack, Dakar Desert Rally has received an update. Version 1.9 of the game mostly focuses on performance and in-game stability. Furthermore, a selection of new voice-over language packs have been added.

Fans will be disappointed that the Road Book Editor, a feature planned to join the game in 2022, is yet to arrive. Now well into 2023, we should also be seeing features like Photo Mode and the in-game livery editor. It's good to see the game's development progressing, but the lack of originally promised features will surely soon outlast fans' patience.

What do you make of the Dakar Desert Rally Classic Vehicles Pack and the new update?
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I still have random stutters and micro freeze even with 4090 and 131900k, it's refunded
i set it to HIGH across the board full screen 1080p on my centre of the triples, vsync'd to 60 and DLSS on BALANCED with 0.5 sharpness, pretty much fluid gameplay now in any of the environments, that was terrible before this update so they fixed something for sure. .
What they didnt fix is that when it does skip it also takes FFB down with it and you jolt inthe wheel at the same time it stutters, and THAT does make it unplayable for me.
I remember it was awesome and I never suffered with stutter or wheel-binding as everyone is saying. But honestly I didn't fire it more than a few times so I believe them.

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