Dakar Desert Rally Update 1.9 Changelog

New Features​

  • Performance Improvements:
    • Improved overall framerate performance and stability across all platforms.
    • Performance mode added to Xbox One X and Xbox Series S.
  • Quality improvements:
    • Multiple visual improvements and tweaks, including headlight shadows, increased terrain texture resolution, improved cockpit mirror quality on next-gen consoles and PC, enhanced shadow quality and resolution scaling on consoles.
  • New Language Packs: This includes voice-overs for the following languages:
    • Italian.
    • German.
    • Portuguese.
    • Portuguese-Brazilian.


  • Fuel consumption has been adjusted in Trucks to give them a wider range of travel.


  • Resolved the issue of crashing in the garage.
  • Resolved issues with cloud save issues.
  • Improved Steering Wheel Wizard’s compatibility for brands without official support.


  • Trophies "We all stand together" and "Sheikh’en not stirred" can now be unlocked.
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