DTM 2021 Pack Released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

The 2021 DTM car pack is now available in the RaceRoom Racing Experience store.

RaceRoom Racing Experience has long been the virtual home for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters race series, and now a 2021 DTM pack has been added to the sim.

The release brings with it the addition of two new cars, the Ferrari 488 GT3 and the McLaren 720S GT3. This is the debut of Ferrari in RaceRoom, and the fifth McLaren car in the game.

Sector 3 has brought us multiple seasons of DTM in R3E, dating back all the way to 1992. More recently, RaceRoom offered the powerful, wide cars of the 2013-2020 DTM series that included DRS and push-to-pass functions, making them incredibly fast race cars. That era of DTM included entries from Mercedes, BMW and Audi, but after the support of manufacturers dropped off, the series moved to the GT3 cars featured in this 2021 pack.

The pack on offer in RaceRoom features all 2021 entries except the Lamborghini Huracan GT3, and includes 6 vehicles and 22 liveries. All of the tracks on the 2022 DTM calendar are available through the RaceRoom store.

New sim content is always exciting, so if you want to try out either of the new cars or any of the other cars offered via the RaceRoom store, you can test drive them in the game at any time.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the 2021 DTM pack for RaceRoom in the comments below.
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Yeah nice pack.

Fezza feels a bit to 'on rails' for me, but can be loosend up with less diff to make it a bit more exciting :)
the fifth McLaren car in the game.
It's actually the fourth. MP4-12c is present separately in two classes, but it's the same car - you can't even buy it twice, if you bought it in ADAC GT class, you only pay for liveries in GTR3 class, and the other way around. Just like you don't pay for the DTM2021 cars if you had them earlier in ADAC GT or GTR3 - only for the livieries.

The BOP is also the same between the classes, even though the BOP in DTM is a bit different IRL.
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It's a pity that DTM has moved to GT3 cars, but anyway that's not the problem of the Sim Racing Software Manufacturers.

Though, the new Ferrari is IMHO one of the best cars they rleased so far in R3E.
From I first look and driveout, the handling is pretty good, the interieur graphics improved a little bit and the cars are looking pretty good, though it's still running on DX9.

I have already made 2 videos in 4K Ultra quality and put them in the media section.
I just want the 720S and 488 GT3 in the normal GT3 class. Not this fake DTM crap after the amazingly well done DTM2020.
Patience. 488 is already confirmed to get included in GTR3 class soon. 720S will very likely follow at some point. And if you buy them now, you'll only have to pay for liveries later.

I won't be surprised if DTM 2021 will be added to joint GTR3/ADAC races anyway since the BOP is the same.
Should have been released on AC like TCR imho. Even paid mod it will sell and attract people way more people than the old RRRE. DTM could attract more people this way.
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I like both the 720 and the 488. I spent the good part of an hour with the 720, it's a fantastic sounding and driving beast!

I also took the BMW in the DTM class around Imola a few times. Mostly because I was wondering how the drivers in the Esports competition got 1:40's. The best I could do was a 1:44.XXX. Good lord those guys are fast!
Boycotting everything with DTM on it IRL and in the sim world... This series became a disgrace for the whole motorsport.
Sorry but we must understand that the previous regulations caused financial problems. Those awesome cars and their maitenance were way too expensive. DTM went downhill and only two brands attending in 2020 was the real disgrace. Don't forget that in the '90s and early '00s the series was one of the many European touring car series featuring the same group A cars with slightly different specs, still many fans think those were the golden years for DTM.

Frankly, we should be happy that DTM is still alive in some form.

Edit: Deleted some unnecessary insults caused by misunderstanding on my part. Sorry!
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Everybody dunking on dx9 when it actually looks good for dx9 and allows me to run 100 car grids at a semi-reasonable fps on a pc that can't field 20 cars on AC without massive drops. I appreciate raceroom for what it is: an awesome driving and sounding platform for those who like a little "rustic" touch to their graphics.

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