F1 22 | EA Confirms New Handling Model, VR & Release Date

For the first time since 2003, a new Formula 1 game is going to be released under the EA Sports banner this year. Excitement ramped up almost immediately when the publisher released a countdown to an official F1 22 announcement - and now, F1 fans have a date to look forward to.

Just like in the years prior, the new F1 game is going to see a release in early July: The announcement video revealed the weekend of the British Grand Prix as the release date, the game is going to be officially out on July 1st and can be pre-ordered now. It is going to be available on PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

VR support confirmed​

PC users can finally look forward to VR being officially supported in the F1 games for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices - something the series had been lacking until now. Also announced were the F1 Life mode, which allows players to "unlock and show off supercars, clothing accessories, and more for the world to see." MyTeam and Career Modes have been confirmed as returning, as well as a two-player split screen mode, Formula 2 and multiplayer modes.

Revised handling model​

To align with the drastic rule changes prior to the real F1 season, F1 22 is also going to feature a revised handling model. Sprint races, while already implemented in the actual 2021 F1 season, are going to make their debut in the game as well.

Players who pre-order the game before May 16th will receive a Miami-themed content pack with items to use in the game as the city is set to host a brand-new Grand Prix on May 8th. Meanwhile, the Champions Edition grants players access to the full game three days early, among other pre-order bonuses.

Rivalries Renewed​

No further info on the new game has been given, but news should be expected in the coming weeks. Apart from this, the video showed a few phrases centered about a new beginning - likely aimed at both the new regulations and the return of EA Sports as the publisher. Whether or not these were teasers for the actual game remains to be seen - "Rivalries Renewed" as a hint to a rivalry system in F1 22 does not seem too far fetched, however.

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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Altho I won't buy it, I'm glad they are finally implementing VR and improving the handling for those that enjoy the series.
I hope its good. Assuming the VR support is well done and it runs well and looks decent then I'll likely pick it up and play it quite a bit. I used to play F1 before getting VR and the real sims but once I went VR I couldn't go back and haven't bought an F1 game for years. So hopefully its done well and completely and I can finally enjoy F1 again.

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