Faster or Slower - What Is Your Multiclass Racing Preference?

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Which class do you prefer in multiclass races?

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Conquering an endurance race over multiple hours can be quite a challenge if just one class of cars is competing, but once others hit the track at the same time, the experience gains new dimensions: Multiclass racing tends to be exciting, but tough - which end of the speed chart do you prefer to be in when it comes to these events?

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Even in races that use the same class for all competitors, there are going to be speed differentials, and lapping cars certainly is part of the equation as well. However, this differential is rarely going to be as big as it is in multiclass racing, particularly if prototypes are involved.

Careful When Lapping Slower Classes​

This is the case in the World Endurance Championship and the IMSA Sportscar Championship, for example: Multiple types of cars that are vastly different take to the track at the same time to battle it out for the overall and class wins - and a Le Mans Hypercar coming up to a GTE car not only displays a significant difference in size (as prototypes are tiny compared to GT cars), but also in speed, which makes lapping the slower classes easy on the straights, but tricky in the corners.

Miscommunications can cost both classes several seconds at best, but can also have enormous consequences at worst, as races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans have shown repeatedly. The example below is from 2011, and amazingly, Audi legend Allan McNish walked away from the gigantic wreck unharmed, and thankfully no marshals or spectators were hurt either.

Different Car Types, Different Approaches​

Naturally, sim racers tend to want to go fast, so the first thought would be that most of them would prefer to race in the fastest classes, but that is not always the case: As GT cars drive very differently compared to a prototype, they might fit the skill sets of some racers better, and even the races that field multiple prototype classes usually see the slower one's grids being filled as well.

As a faster car, making predictable and safe moves while lapping slower cars is extremely important in order not to have your own race derailed, but also to not ruin the race of others. On the other hand, keeping an eye on the rear-view mirror almost all the time is essential to avoid being run into or being the way of faster cars. Classes that are in between need to be aware of both - which may not be for everyone.

What is Your Class of Choice?​

We want to know: What is your preference in multiclass racing? Do you usually race in the fastest class, do you prefer a slower one, or something in between? Let us know in the poll and in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I like to take the slowest cars and go even slower. I also like 24h Multiclass races with time acceleration like 10x on at tracks that let me admire the countryside, moving clouds and sunrises.

What I don't like is rating on and any kind of "e-sport", that just makes people drive like jerks.
When I was first starting out and had no idea what I was doing I went for the faster cars... obviously :D

But now with "a few" races under my belt (in the great Race Department AC racing group :thumbsup:) I like the driving the slower class (GT3/GTEs w/LMPs). I'm not an aggressive passer and I enjoy sort of "conducting" traffic in the slower class. Espcially when racing against drivers you know, it can be fun to leave space into a corner knowing the driver behind is going to take it and make it cleanly past you without compromising your line. But to do so, you have to drive a good line into the corner and still carry your speed.
I prefer an intermediate class, if nothing else I can still enjoy the fun of passing cars in a lower class but still being passed by the faster class. It also helps that's usually an LMP2 class or equivalent where everyone gravitates towards the fastest class or gt class thing, leaving an intermediate class up for grabs for slow people like me XD
My current preference is AMS2 Brazilian Endurance series. 6 classes, short tracks. Yeah, it's different than Hypercar World Championship which WEC is turning into.
It depends on the track.
Le mans with prototypes.
Spa, suzuka,... with GT3 , GTE
Before iRacing released the BMW and subsequent Cadillac GTP cars I preferred to drive the LMP2 over the LMP1 class car. I drove that car from release until the GTP cars came out-a period of two years.

When I tested the GTP I felt it drove similarly enough to the Dallara P2 that I decided to go all-in on it.

The closing speed to the GT# cars is much more than the closing speed of the P2 to GTLM cars were, and it still takes some getting used to, but I do prefer the faster classes.

That being said, when it comes to the enduros I will drive whatever the team decides. I have driven the GTP in the D24 and Le Mans, while driving the GT4 at the N24.

I am willing to drive any car, as long as I can drive.
While I understand the appeal for people who want to simulate real life driving conditions, I tend to avoid multi-class racing.

I get the impression that multi-class racing is done more for logistical and economic reasons IRL, rather than on-track racing quality. Therefore, especially online where the quality of the opposition varies, I find that having cars that drive at different paces and aren't really racing each other is something I'd rather avoid.
Speed doesn't matter as long as you have good racing. I've had as much fun in an 80hp Spitfire as in an 800hp McLaren; the point is to get as much out of the car, and yourself, as possible.
Speed doesn't matter as long as you have good racing. I've had as much fun in an 80hp Spitfire as in an 800hp McLaren; the point is to get as much out of the car, and yourself, as possible.
I tend to agree with you there, I prefer to race what would be at the Goodwood Revival/MM, I hone them to be as good as they can be then try to be as good as I can be without scratching the panels, if I get those things right it's so much more enjoyable than a smash em up win... Anglia 1650 and E-Type are tremendous fun for my level.
As for 800 HP McLaren M8F, I'll take it for a blast but I'm nowhere near the AI and far more dangerous to the fans and the environment.(Hitchin is

I do occasionally take a Cerbera V8 out (Mike Saunders look alike) but again it's a panel beaters nightmare in close quarters.

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