We are interested to learn from the RaceDepartment Community how our members see their own racing skills as sim racers.

To keep things easy we have identified three skill levels that should fit the description and we like to ask you to submit your vote to the attached poll.
  • Rookie - you consider yourself a beginner, inexperienced or too insecure to race online with other sim racers.
  • Advanced - you are an average driver, not too inexperienced and you can make your way into online racing safely.
  • Pro - you are an alien, above average skilled and are a frontrunner in esports competitions.

Friday night racing for Rookies (and Pros of course)​

With so many members on this sim racing platform who feel too insecure to race online with other drivers surrounding them we are starting a new rookie series in our Automobilista 2 Racing Club to improve their skills in a friendly environment with supportive drivers.

Those who are racing in our racing clubs or other private leagues already know the true beauty of sim racing lies in online competition with other clean drivers in a safe environment without the rammers who populate open lobbies. But we often hear that rookies are too insecure to race online fearing they will terminate the race of others when they cause an incident.

Let us state this crystal clear: there is no racing virtually or in real life without accidents. It's part of racing. It's how you deal with accidents. We have come up with a basic online ruleset that ensures a great racing experience for all drivers pros or rookies.

In our casual racing clubs it's not about racing for the win but more the camaraderie, online friendship and improving your driving skills. For almost 16 years the RaceDepartment Racing Club has been the birthplace of ten thousands of sim racers who went from absolute rookies to experienced sim racers with the help of our friendly community members.

Hold on RaceDepartment! A prototype as a rookie car?​

Yes! In our events for rookies we are racing the MetalMoro MRX Duractec with 355 horsepower and tonnes of grip. Despite this car being a prototype racing car it's very user friendly and easy to operate.

As you can see demonstrated by Damian Reed in the video above it's a great car to learn how to brake heavily without locking up and how to use gears to accelerate out of tight corners without losing traction.

Hockenheim National is a great track too, it has three medium length straights and several heavy braking areas, so overtaking should be possible. The National track is almost the same as the GP track, just with the hairpin removed and cutting the Parabolika in half.

This Friday we are inviting our premium members to take part in this rookie race around Hockenheim National Circuit in Automobilista 2 click here to register for the event.

Discounted Premium for Rookies and save 33%

For interested rookie drivers who would like to race with us and become better drivers we have a special welcome offer if you aren't a premium supporter yet. Save 33% on our annual plan by using coupon code ROOKIE on the checkout page for a yearly membership and only pay 9,99 euro and enjoy all the benefits in the next 365 days. There are 100 codes available for rookies so don't miss out.