1. Automobilista | Formula 3 '99 Andrew Kirkaldy | Oulton Park International

    Automobilista | Formula 3 '99 Andrew Kirkaldy | Oulton Park International

    Fired up Reiza Studios' Automobilista to see if it still stands up today.Other than a lack of post-processing it looks great and drives even better - still a...
  2. AMS2 |Kyalami - Just joined Kyalami and fought for the lead, at least for only 3 laps! LOL

    AMS2 |Kyalami - Just joined Kyalami and fought for the lead, at least for only 3 laps! LOL

    #automobilista2 #gt3 #mclaren Haven't driven the Kyalami track maybe for several years and since not a track I have driven much, I had no idea of the layout ...
  3. GianmarcoFiduci

    Cadillac V-Series.R - IMSA 2023 Liveries 1.1

    Enjoy it! Install it in: Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2
  4. DSGV_Lotus_Fan

    Automobilista 1 - 2009 Indycar Series 1.0

    A conversion of the 2009 Indycar Series mod for rFactor to AMS 1. INSTALLATION: 1. Open the .zip file with WinRar or 7zip. 2. Drop the GameData folder and the Series folder into the Automobilista folder. 3. Play and enjoy the mod :) Please let me know if you have any problems with the mod. Some...
  5. DSGV_Lotus_Fan

    Champ Car 2005-2006 conversion from RF1 1

    Hello, recently i learn to convert mods from rFactor 1 to Automobilista 1, so, I convert the IDT Simulations Champ Car 05-06 mod, enjoy ! Credits:
  6. The Humble Bundle's Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle is Back

    The Humble Bundle's Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle is Back

    The Steam Summer Sale has come and gone, but sim racers looking to expand their libraries while spending less than usual get another chance to do so: The Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle by the Humble Bundle returns in its "Victory Lap" edition - and it comprises no less than seven titles while being...
  7. M

    Modern Pit Board (Simhub) v1.0

    This is a modern pit board designed for Simhub to maximise compatibility with games and create an immersive simracing experience. Features: Displays the following data: Laps done/time left Position Gap to leader’s best time Best Lap Last Lap time Gap Ahead Gap Behind Numbers will...
  8. S


    Hi all, I downloaded several mod tracks including some like Valencia and the Nordschleife 24H. I want to use these tracks in a race against Ai but when I load in, AMS crashes. The only times SOME mod tracks such as Valencia or the Nordschleife 24H work is during PRIVATE testing. If I do testing...
  9. D

    Dedicated servers not showing up

    So basically what happens is that i race on a league and when the lobby is created everyone can join, but to me the lobby is not even visible, i tried refreshing the page dozens of times (literally) and not only the lobby i want to join is not showing but i noticed that all the dedicated servers...
  10. Historic Nürburgring Released for Automobilista 2

    Historic Nürburgring Released for Automobilista 2

    Reiza Studios has officially released the 1971 version of the Nürburgring today in a new public update. Good news for the owners of the Nürburgring DLC is they'll be able to enjoy this historic version without having to spend a single dime extra, as all the new layouts are integrating that...
  11. H

    SimHub not working in Automobilista

    When I try to start Automobilista through SimHub it just doesn't open When I start normally it doesn't work. I use an alternative version of Automobilista and not the steam version
  12. Dodgeful Artist

    Automobilista A1GP Mod (FV10) 1.0

    This is a mod for the A1 Grand Prix series, using Automobilista's Formula V10 car. This pack contains 252 skins, all with national liveries, and also features talent files to make it more realistic. To use: Download both files Extract the "talent" folder into Automobilista -> GameData ->...
  13. Noobednate

    Having issues with model generation

    Basically, the heads on the the cars appear much higher than they're supposed to be, and this ruins the onboard camera views and over quality, any help?
  14. Keselowski2

    Gaúcho de Super Turismo - Mottin Racing #17 Cruze skin for '17 Stock Cruze 0.5

    Livery of the #17 GT-class Chevrolet Cruze that made its debut in the 2021 season of the Campeonato Gaucho de Super Turismo. Preview:
  15. Awesome Automobilista tin tops !

    Awesome Automobilista tin tops !

    Todays sim racing video features Automobilista 1 by Reiza Studios as i find and race the Honda Civic touring car after we didn't get it in the new rFactor 2 ...
  16. M

    AMS proper terrain mapping in blender

    HI guys. Im bringing another tip how i'm properly and with ease making uv maps for terrain in blender and which works with rz terrain shader - mapped vertex colour (base shader for the terrain which mixing 4 different types of textures together). Simply i create plane which is fully covering...
  17. AMS2 Mod Showcase | Porsche 911 GT3 (992) @ Cadwell Park | Automobilista 2

    AMS2 Mod Showcase | Porsche 911 GT3 (992) @ Cadwell Park | Automobilista 2

  18. M


    hello all my friends, AMS. CHT F1 2021 I Convert Livery all visible My problem is I can't do DRS I wonder if there are people who can help me.
  19. B

    Automobilista 2 Multi Dash. SimHub 1.4

    Great multipurpose dash based on this dash by NONI1991. It features all the things i find most useful while racing. Automatically swithes LEDS and some other features based on what type of car you drive. Basic screen: Pit...
  20. MJQT

    Community AI info website for AMS1, other isiMotor2 sims

    Information about AI settings and parameters for isiMotor2 games (e.g. rF1, GTR 2, RACE 07, AMS 1) has long been scattered across PDF documents and forum threads or hidden in the heads of experienced modders. I recently began compiling this information into text files with the goal of creating a...

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