Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 let you create your own racing seasons as authentic as you want. Here we show you some of our current favorites and how to get you started.

Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 - GTE
Automobilista 2 sports a great selection of cars of all types and eras. 180 vehicles. Dozens of classes from karts and formula cars to GT and touring cars, prototypes and race trucks. Over 50 tracks, many in different variants and from different eras. Automobilista 2 is definitely not stingy with content. And since update 1.5 at the latest, the game can also be regarded as a serious alternative to established sims thanks to the improvements to its driving physics.

For single players, the Championship Mode in Automobilista 2 offers a cornucopia of racing fun. Here we either choose one of the pre-made championships (e.g. the Stock Car Pro Series, F3 Brasil 2017, Formula Inter, Formula Vee, Copa Trucks), which we can still edit marginally. Or we create our own racing season, the so-called Custom Championship, from scratch.

Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 - Stock Car Pro Pre-Defined Championship
There are two kinds of championships. You can either choose a pre-defined one or customize your very own.

How to Create Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2?​

The Custom Championship Editor in Automobilsta 2 allows you to create your own championships. It is quicker and easier, more complex and more extensive than in almost any other game. (For those who don't know it: Imagine the Custom Championship feature in Content Manager for Assetto Corsa - only better).

Create Your Authentic Custom Championship in Automobilista 2
The Custom Championship editor offers a plethora of options to customize your championship.

The editor is not only a powerful customization tool but also by and large self-explanatory. First, you select the vehicle class(es) and choose the vehicle you want to drive. Then you select the different tracks of your championship and determine the sequence, date, weather, number and scope of the sessions. This includes practice, qualifying, 1 or 2 races and race length. Then you define the further race conditions, an appropriate score type and the AI strength. Finally, do not forget to save (!) - and then you are ready to go!

In addition to a realistic approach, you can also try crazy things in the Custom Championship editor. Fancy a multi-class season with F-Ultimate2 (modern F1), Fusca Classic and Copa Trucks? No problem - at least in theory. However, the Championship Editor really comes into its own in the authentic (re)creation of real racing championships.

Authentic Custom Championships in AMS 2: Rules of the Game​

Here we present some of our current favorite authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 and show you what you need to implement them. Before we get started, two more notes:
  1. We are not taking into account the licensed racing series in AMS 2 in our selection. This means that the Brazilian Stock Car Series, the Copa Trucks or the multi-class vehicles of Império Endurance Brasil, for example, are excluded. These are undoubtedly great series that you should definitely try out. However, the existing Championships already cover these. Instead here we focus on non-licensed (generic-fictional) content which we can transform into quasi-authentic championships with a little modding and the magic of the Championship Editor.
  2. Please note that you cannot achieve the maximum level of authenticity with the out-of-the-box content of Automobilista 2. As with Sports Interactive's Football Manager, AMS2 lacks licenses for a lot of contents. Instead of the original, real data, we have to make do with placeholders and fictitious content in the vanilla state. Fortunately, the sim allows sufficient modding in terms of textures, names and editable values. And thanks to talented modders, who do not stop to provide original skins, helmets, overalls and gloves as well as Custom AI files with realistic driver names and abilities, nothing stands in the way of an exciting Custom Championship in an authentic guise.
The Brasilian Stock Car Pro Series (2023) is one of the (few) licensed championship series in the game.

How to Mod Automobilista 2​

Do you need help with implementing mods in Automobilista 2? Do not worry, we have you covered, because "Modding Automobilista 2 Is Easier Than You Might Think".

AMS 2 = Formula Galore​

The easiest way to name the most authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 would be to just pick three random formula classes. Because these have the most complete mod packages consisting of skins, helmets, overalls, gloves and Custom AI. To be precise, for almost all classes between 1967 and 2023 or for individual cars.

But firstly, we would like to present a little more variety here. And secondly, our colleague Yannik has already written an Ultimate Formula 1 Season Guide for Automobilista 2 on exactly this topic. Giving justice to its name, it indeed covers all 15 (!) Formula 1 seasons and the corresponding modding options. That is why we have decided to focus on just one Formula One season here. It is the latest addition by the community, which is currently giving not only the author of this article a lot of driving pleasure.

Automobilista 2 offers 15 F1 seasons spanning over six decades.

Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2: F1 1990 (F-Classic Gen 3)​

With the release of the McLaren MP4/5B as part of the Brazilian Legends DLC, Reiza introduced a completely new class in Automobilista 2. This led to renaming the former F-Classic Gen 3 (which represented F1 1991) to become the F-Classic Gen 4. On the other hand, the cars for the F1 1990 became the new Gen 3. Apart from the mentioned McLaren MP4/5B, Gen 3 features four generic cars modeled closely to the different chassis/engine/gearbox types of the F1 1990 season, including different paddle and H-shifters.

The latter combos are unfortunately not 100 % correct, as the V12 "Ferrari" here is allocated to the Model 1 and sports an H-pattern shifter instead of a semi-automatic gearbox with shifter paddles which it had in real life. On the other hand, the V8 Model 2 features a sequential shifter, which is also not historically correct.

The F1 1990 Season Mod is the latest addition to the Formula classes, and it is an instant classic!

Level of Authenticity: F1 1990 Season Mod​

The F1 1990 Season mod comes from the Immersion Modding Group, a collective of the leading modders for AMS 2. It offers plain everything you could want from a mod and includes all car liveries, driver helmets, gloves and overalls as well as a accurate Custom AI with realistic driver skills and values.

Regarding tracks, Automobilista 2 offers 12 (out of 16) real tracks of that season, 9 in their historically accurate state as driven in 1990. Phoenix, Paul Ricard, Hungaroring, and Mexico City are missing.

Accurate Tracks​

Mar 25, 1990Interlagos71
May 13, 1990Imola 198861
Jun 10, 1990Montreal 198870
Jul 29, 1990Hockenheim 198845
Aug 26, 1990Spa-Francorchamps 199344
Sep 9, 1990Monza 199153
Sep 23, 1990Cascais 198871
Sep 30, 1990Jerez 198873
Nov 4, 1990Adelaide 198881

Accurate Locations​

  • May 27, 1990: Azure Circuit - Monaco (different final sector)
  • July 15, 1990: Silverstone 1975 with Chicane (different final chicane)
  • October 21, 1990: Kansai Classic - Suzuka (modern version has reprofiled corners, most notably 130R and Dunlop)

Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2: BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season (M1 Procar)​

The BMW M1 Procar is a much loved car among sim racers, and it is also a highlight in Automobilista 2. It can (and should) be driven rather by throttle than with the steering wheel, as this 420 hp mid-engine straight 6 loves stepping out more than anything else. A sight to behold, and definitely also fun and quick.

The BMW M1 Procar Championship, also known as the Procar Series, was held with BMW M1 Procars in 1979 and 1980, mostly as part of the supporting program of European Formula 1 races. The first race took place on May 12, 1979 in Zolder, Belgium. In the Procar Series, the five fastest Formula 1 drivers from the Qualifying runs competed with works BMW M1 cars against a maximum of 19 sports car and privateer drivers of this vehicle type. Austrian Niki Lauda won the inaugural championship. In 1980, its 2nd and final season, the series was won by Brazilian Nelson Piquet.

Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 - BMW Procar M1 1979
The BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season mod does hardly leave anything to be desired.

Level of Authenticity: BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season Mod​

In terms of authenticity, it hardly can get any better. The BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season mod by gringohairpiece features 73 (!) skins for the 1979 season of the BMW M1 Procar championship, including textures for all drivers and all cars as well as even track-specific variants, individual internal windscreen banners and Reiza-style preview images for default and alternative skins.

The only drawback is the missing Custom AI. But there is a remedy for this too, as jusk has done a specific file for the 1979 season which is a pretty good base.

Regarding tracks, 4 out of the 8 original venues are present in Automobilista 2 in their correct historic state. You can make it 5 of 9 if you also add the Gunnar Nilsson Trophy at Donington Park National, where they raced for 30 laps on Jun 3, 1979. As a charity event, this race did not count for the championship though. To extend the calendar, we have also added Monaco (Azure Circuit) even though it differs a bit from the 1979 layout.

Accurate Tracks​

May 13, 1979Azure (Circuit de Monaco )15
Jul 13, 1979Silverstone 1975 (with chicane)20
Jul 28, 1979Hockenheim 197715
Aug 12, 1979Spielberg 197717
Sep 9, 1979Monza 199118

Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2: 2023 IndyCar Series (F-USA 23)​

The still relatively new F-USA 23 class in AMS 2 is a more-than-decent replica of the real-life models. The basic driving model is great, and the almost perfectly implemented ingenious P2P system is the icing on the cake. Arguably one of the best modern series to run at the moment.

Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 - 2023 IndyCar
Though not perfect, the mod for the 2023 IndyCar Series is a must for everyone with a sense of authenticity.

Level of Authenticity: Formula USA 2023 Mod​

Henrique Freitas, the author of the Formula USA 2023 mod, says that most of the skins and the pack per se were still in a very early version and in need of a lot more polishing. Indeed, the mod is still in version 0.86 and has remained there since June 23, 2023. Nevertheless there are still 32 cars with liveries inspired by the 2023 IndyCar season. Also, the drivers have their real names, and the Custom AI is at least serviceable, say about 86 % accurate.

Despite being the least authentic and complete of the three mods here, even in this state it is still a hundred times better than racing the generic AMS 2 cars. And, Henrique, if you read this, we sincerely hope that you will return and finish your great work, thus enabling us to recreate the 2023 IndyCar Series even more authentically.

Regarding circuits, only six original locations of the 2023 IndyCar Series are available in Automobilista 2. However, adding other North-American circuits such as VIR, Watkins Glen or Cleveland and ovals like Fontana seems a legit way to fill up the calendar.

Accurate Tracks​

Apr 16, 2023Long Beach85
May 28, 2023Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Oval)200
Jun 18, 2023Road America55
Aug 12, 2023Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Circuit)85
Aug 27, 2023WWT Raceway (Oval)260
Sep 10, 2023Laguna Seca95

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