GRID Legends Releases Last Major DLC "Winter Bash" + 6.0 Patch Notes

The festive season may have ended, but that doesn't stop GRID Legends from going all in on winter racing, though.

8 new story events featured in the event featuring familiar faces from the GRID story. Predictably, most of these events will take place in snowy surroundings.

Furthermore, 3 new vehicle are added to GRID Legends car roster:
  • SRT Viper GTS-R
  • BMW 2002 TII Race Car - "Drift Tuned"
  • Bugatti Bolide

The update further includes 5 new Okutama Sprint drift routes and 45 existing routes to be edited in the race creator.

In addition, 10 new achievements can now be unlocked as well as a set of new sponsor objectives, liveries, icons and banners for customisation. Team liveries from the "Driven to Glory" story mode will also be available to be equipped regardless of the GRID Legends version the player owns.

If you own the Deluxe Edition of GRID Legends, Winter Bash will be included for free. It can also be purchased separately.

What do you think of this update? Ready to race in the snow? Let us know in the comments down below!
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Grid Legends is so fun, is a great sim, trucks racing together with karts and GT3, or jumping with a 2002 on ice muahaha, as real as real races, in the future when u will be an adult, search for true simracing experiences with Rf2, ACC, Ac, Ams2, until that you could use this Game or Pocoyo Racing game, muahaha
There is at least one adult in this exchange.
I wonder what kind of tobacco smoke those kids....maybe they could named "winter trash" Bmw 2002 from Pcars2 jumping?...Bugatti Bolide on ice? what more? a dragon flying over buildings?...this game must be great for children from 0 to 5 years, they are far far far away from what simracing communities are sad seeing those great 3D models cars for use by this way.... they will sell a great number of this DLC on a psychiatric
There is at least one adult in this exchange.
Sure but truely not you, enjoy jumping on ice, next DLC maybe jump into a circle of fire with a bus or maybe a DLC called Pocoyo Racing Simulator, be careful will be a true simulator muhaha
I feel so sorry for his poor effort that I almost feel like giving him a helping hand on how to mock people...
I feel so sorry for his poor effort that I almost feel like giving him a helping hand on how to mock people... Well, you mock people telling Grid Legends is a simulator, but no need your helping hands, you 'll need your 2 hands for driving Grid Legends on your gamepad like real races muahaha, Please give you a chance and try a real simulator, feel racing on tracks like Nordschleife, Spa or Lemans, no need to add absurd things like jumps or ice. Real emotions is enough hard to enjoy, believe me
I am asking codemaster to bring back the first GRID from 2008.
Or remaster the GRID game.

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