6.0 Patch Notes

  • A chosen Custom Team Name now displays correctly in the race introduction screen
  • Players now have the ability to rotate the camera left or right using a keyboard/wheel in Photo Mode
  • A resolution glitch in Photo Mode no longer occurs where a certain number of drivers are in a race
  • The aspect ratio of the screen no longer changes while panning the camera in Photo Mode
  • Flashback no longer causes black bars to remain if using an ultrawide screen (PC)
  • Several sponsor/objective progression bugs have been fixed
  • Track limit violations now apply correctly in Elimination races
  • The BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 RPM tachometer now displays correctly
  • Retiring from Endurance races no longer registers the player finishing in that position
  • Rubber deposits on Sepang/Brands Hatch no longer phase in/out
  • Creating an Online session no longer causes your Offline difficulty setting to change to that off the Online lobby
  • Re-joining a session no longer can have the player take control of a vehicle out of world
  • Using ‘Previous Grid Order’ or ‘Previous Grid Order Reversed’ no longer scrambles the grid order
  • If a user DNFs in a Circuit Race, the event will now conclude correctly
  • After a host leaves a session during a race countdown, the next session no longer starts immediately after being created
  • Race invites from EA App now work correctly between Origin and EA App
  • Loading out of session no longer causes the Player Lobby to display an empty session
  • Friends no longer appear Offline when they are Online
  • Livery and Clean & Respray options are now available when in an Online Career lobby
  • Several event rewards have been adjusted to give out correct items
  • Gaining control of a vehicle before the host in a Multi-Class race will no longer cause the user to see themselves as the host
  • Lobby countdown no longer stop when the host leaves and rejoins the same session
  • Players can now progress past selecting a vehicle if the lobby countdown is cancelled when changing a vehicle
Driven to Glory
  • Excessive corner cutting in Episode 1 now correctly applies penalties
  • The ‘Story Events Completed’ indicator now counts those from the DLC
  • Objective ‘3rd or Higher in your Class’ for an event in Enduring Spirit is now correctly unlocked
  • The camera is no longer blocked in ‘Expensive Elimination’ & ‘McKane vs. McKane’
  • AI Nemesis states should no longer be permanent across different races
    • Nemesis state now correctly deteriorates as races progress. If a Nemesis is not antagonised during the closing stages of the race, there is a good (60%) chance they will not be Nemesis in the next race
  • Nemesis states no longer apply during Dynamic Events
  • AI no longer drive slower once the time is up in Endurance races
  • Rival and Nemesis states now show correctly both in-game and post-race
  • Drift smoke now shows correctly (PS5)
  • 'Profile level' now shows as completed when reaching max level
  • Actual results are now matched with what is shown on the leaderboard
  • Several tweaks to camera behaviour during and outside of races have been made
  • Several UI fixes and improvements have been made throughout the game
  • Several stability adjustments have been made, reducing the frequency of game crashes
  • Several visual improvements have been made throughout the game to tracks and environments
  • The trophy “For the Time Extended Crew” now unlocks correctly
  • The trophy “Need for Speed” now unlocks consistently
  • The trophies “Ace Driving” and “Misty-Eyed” now unlock correctly
  • Fixed an issue that caused audio stuttering when using USB audio devices
  • Scripted audio events now take flashbacks into account
  • “Your teammate has crashed” line no longer triggers incorrectly
  • “Keep climbing places” line no longer triggers incorrectly
  • Monologues of Ryan and the commentator no longer overlap during DLC 2’s ‘Brotherly Battle’
  • The soundtrack is no longer boosted at the moment it loops
  • Voiceover for car disqualifications now triggers correctly
  • The player is no longer congratulated on the voiceover for failing Event 4 in DLC 2
  • Undamaged cars no longer have a damaged engine rattle sound
  • Several text and translation errors have been resolved
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