GTR Is Set For A Revival

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For those who have been around sim racing since the early 2000’s, the GTR series of titles are ones which are firmly etched on the brain.

For many, they are the titles that launch them into the world of sim racing in the first place. From GTR and GTR 2 through to GTR Evolution, the titles stood for realism and brought the world of FIA GT racing into our homes.

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For the last several years, there have been rumours, speculation and the occasional screenshot regarding a proposed GTR 3. However, these have been few and far between and have since dwindled into the background once more.

Today, an announcement has appeared which is completely out of the blue. @Ian Bell once head of Slightly Mad Studios and part of the original GTR development team, tweeted the news that he is working on a new title; GTR Revival.

Not only that, there are several other members of the original development team involved too including; Stephen Viljoen, Andy Garton, Stephen Baysted, Henrik Roos, Johan Roos and Vik Klomiets.

As far as the sim itself is concerned, there are no specific details just yet, but Ian Bell has promised that it will be a hardcore, no compromise title.

Will this be the GTR sequel that we have all been waiting for? Share your thoughts with us below as we await more information on GTR Revival.

(This is a developing story, more soon)


  • RaceDepartment asked Johan Roos (ex-Simbin) for a quote if the above tweet is true and he replied: "Well I do not deny it but cannot comment any further than Ian already has written and that it sounds like one hell of a game by one hell of a crew".
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"but Ian Bell has promised that it will be a hardcore, no compromise title"
---- sorry to say but that is also what he said with the Project Cars 1+2 games and we all know that they are not on the same level as rf2, acc, ac, iracing, ams, so i don't trust a word from this guy.
one thing i know is that my expectations are low af.
so if it turns out good, then i guess i will be pleasantly surprised.
Not enough details other than Ian Bell is involved and that makes the claims dubious based on prior history. If the project doesn't allow modding, then lifespan of the game won't be worth anything even if it meets the vision he has set forth.
Given Mr. Bell's history of misleading comments to generate hype, I'll believe this when I see it. But if this is for real, and he's serious about a "no compromises" GTR sequel, I'm intrigued. Ian Bell, after all, has been a part of several great innovations in sim racing (the GTR series, the Madness engine), and maybe he has another one up his sleeve now.

There is one thing that troubles me, though. What sorts of content ends up in this game? If it's current-day GT (e.g. GT3, GT4), I'm fairly uninterested - that content is in every sim title nowadays, and for a comprehensive sim (other than safety cars :p) ACC already exists. If it's early 2000s GTs, well, is there a market for that today? Maybe the ideal is if it does both? I dunno. But I can't help but wonder.
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If the project doesn't allow modding, then lifespan of the game won't be worth anything
hmm but this would mean you think ACC is not worth anything? or iRacing...
i don't think modding yes/no is the main issue when it comes to racing games.
also i'd say just because a game allows modding does not automatically mean people will jump on it.
AC1 is clearly the front runner over rf2 for example even though rf1 was THE modding game.
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April 1st is very early this time. Let’s look back at this posting in about 8 years and laugh about it as the last time GTR was announced:)
15 years that I am waiting for this : best of luck for this new challenge Mr Bell, I am still your fan #1 ;)

I am surprised especially after the sale of SMS to Codies, I thought he would definitely retire...glad I was wrong. I think he is a bit masochist as I can already imagine all the IBB "Ian Bell Bashing" we will read...
In all seriousness what exactly is he gonna base his game on? WEC licence is elsewhere as is the gt3 licence and we don't need another gt game when the market is saturated with gt3 content.

Although wouldn't listen to a word that prat says tbh
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