ACC is widely regarded as one of the best looking sims out there and as a result some of the screenshots that come out of the game are nothing short of epic. But how do you get the most out of the tools in the latest update?

Our friend Boonatix has put together an incredible tutorial on how to perfect your virtual photography skills within ACC. Not only does Stefan go through the in-game tools but he goes in to a lot of depth on settings needed to get the most impressive outputs even before you boot the game up.

Once in-game you are guided through the optimal video settings. Everyone will have differing computer specs and requirements for the quality of the screenshots you want to take, but here is a brief overview of what Stefan recommends:
  • Bump your graphics setting up to the maximum you can
  • For best results crank resolution scale up to 200%
  • As you are working with replay files. Don't worry too much about stuttering and frame rate drops as you will be freezing the frame anyway
  • Find settings that work best for you - Experiment with your configuration
  • Save your settings as a preset to jump from driver mode to screenshot mode
Boonatix then takes us through the various camera settings available in the screenshot capture mode but most importantly he goes into detail about the new depth of field settings. There is a lot of detail on this section so I recommend watch the video to see how each setting works.

If you are just focused on creating screenshots then there is a whole section on which settings to use in your race session to get the best looking shots. For example Stefan looks at time of day, weather settings and even some examples of great locations to get an epic pic.

ACC Audi.jpg

Finally for the advanced virtual photographer you can do some post processing to your images to really make them unique to your style. In the video you will get a brief run down of some of the effects and tools available to you after the screenshot has been taken in-game.

As somewhat of a hobbyist photographer I would say there are no real right or wrong decisions with your creative choices so go an experiment with different settings and see what works for you. Personally I love taking shots at high focal lengths (200mm +) with low aperture (f2.8) when the cars are just reaching the crest of a hill, but like I say, everyone will have different tastes.

CC BMW M4.jpg

So get out there and start creating some amazing ACC Screenshots and don't forget to post them here for us to see.