How To: Take Great Screenshots in Assetto Corsa Competizione Using CinemaHUD

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Here are some quick and easy tips to take impressive screenshots in Assetto Corsa Competizione for PC.

Assetto Corsa Competizione’s big Steam update last week included improvements to the CinemaHUD. Below are seven easy steps to follow to get more out of your screenshots.

There are two important things to keep in mind for this tutorial. First, I'm not a professional photographer, so please don't treat this as a masterclass on auto racing photography. Also, I've used values in the steps below to assist beginners in taking better shots. These numbers are not intended as the ideal values, but rather starting points that will need to be revisited to suit the scene or the user's preferences.

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1) Enter replay mode and press F7 - Taking screenshots while your driving is risky business. Instead, use a replay. Find a moment you’d like to capture, pause the replay near that moment, and press F7 to enter the free cam mode.

2) Move the camera around - Pressing F7 should put you into the cockpit view and looking left. You can now use your arrow keys, or hold down your left mouse button and move the mouse to change your view. Don’t worry about perfection for now, but you can start to think about the looks of your shot by positioning the camera to your liking.

3) Change your Field of View - It’s time now to start tuning the shot. Click the scroll wheel on your mouse, and the CinemaHUD will appear. Click the Controls tab, and you’ll see a slider for Field of View. Lower it to roughly 35, or whatever looks the best for you. This should give you a more realistic looking shot.

4) Set up your shot - With the new FOV, you’ll need to reposition your camera. Find an angle that makes your subject (probably your car) look good. And remember that framing your shot well also means thinking about background objects like opponents’ cars and trackside objects. You’ll also need to think about the weather and time of day.

5) Enable and configure Depth of Field - One of the improvements to ACC in version 1.8 was an update to the functionality of the Depth of Field tab in the CinemaHUD. With a few sliders you can take your pictures to the next level by keeping your subject in focus and softening the background. First step is to enable Depth Effect, which should make the whole picture blurry. Next, reduce the aperture to 4 as a starting point. Then, change the Focus Distance until your car is in focus. Keep in mind that this isn’t prescriptive; adjust the settings to your liking, and you will need to revisit each setting a few times until the entire image is set up to your liking. When you’re done, click the scroll wheel again to hide the HUD. If the camera moves when you close the HUD, just click the left mouse button to lock the view.

6a) Hit F8 or F12 to take the shot - Assetto Corsa Competizione on PC allows you to take pictures two ways: F8 and F12. F8 saves the screenshot into your Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione folder as a high resolution PNG file, whereas F12 captures your shot as a JPG type with a much smaller file size. When you use F12 your shots will appear in the main ACC page in Steam when you exit the game.


6b) Click play and hit F12 - a better way to take your shot might be with the replay playing rather than paused. If you’ve got motion blur enabled in your video settings, click play a few seconds before the moment you want to capture, then press F12 at the right time. This will result in an action shot.

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Do you have a screenshot you want to share with the world? Head to our Assetto Corsa Competizione forum and post away in the designated ACC Share Your Screenshots Thread
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Nice, never knew about this. Don't think I'll ever use it either, but there are probably many who will. Thx for the info!
Thanks Mike, been searching for this since it was announced. I'd actually been taking in game screenshots shrinking them down to 2mb to use as YouTube thumbnails.
There has to be something wrong with my graphic settings. By pressing F8 or F12 I only get really (!) small pictures and with lots of artefacts. Not HQ at all.

What does work is using a live replay and instead of using F8 or F12, using the windows + shift + s method to take a screenshot. Well, it works but thats not the best way to do it. Does anybody know, what might be my problem?
F8 produces crappy mess without motion blur and AA. I had this problem from very first ACC version. Solution is for example making screenshot through steam or other capturing software.
steam - settings - in game - tick save uncompressed copy( and select where to put the folder) thank me later
as mentioned in coments above
F8 screenshot will not give you motion blur on screens
F12 is way to go with screens or use windows works also

what is not mentioned in text but its somewhat self explanatory is MAX the game settings
scaling should be 200% to get best quality of 3D models in game

and have fun doing it

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