Is Your Local Track in Sim Racing?

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As games add more and more circuits to their line-ups, they must delve into the more niche locations. That is how RaceRoom got my two most local tracks, but what is your most local venue in sim racing?

Too often are motorsport and its fandom limited to the upper echelons of the sport, with Formula One and the WEC taking the limelight of conversations. But many true enthusiasts of racing will just as happily enjoy grassroots, club level racing.

That is why one's local race track can evoke such great emotions. From echoing back to your first days by the catch fence to flashbacks of action taking place just in front of your eyes, local venues hold a great place in our hearts.

So when these perhaps lesser-known racing locations show up in sim racing games, it is a great excuse to get out the credit card or spend a few hours in the sim. Loading up a circuit that you have visited yourself in real life is always a brilliant experience. From driving round and remembering different moments from your memories to opening the free camera and inspecting the creation's accuracy; one can spend hours visiting a virtual recreation. So the question is, which of your local racetracks are in sim racing games? And are they any good?

Editor's Story​

You may not want to hear my life's story. But to best explain what I deem my local race tracks, reading part of it is inevitable. As a young boy from England, my family moved to the South West of France when I was six years old. Since then, I have spent my entire life living between Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Unfortunately, compared to the East of the country, my local region is fairly empty when it comes to motorsport. However, it is home to a pair of fantastic venues that are arguably iconic across all of motorsport.

Nogaro Coupe de Paques - Aston GT4.JPG

Aston Martin GT4 fighting at Nogaro, my local track.

From where I am writing this, in the centre of Toulouse, I am just an hour and a half's drive from Nogaro, Circuit Paul Armagnac. Not to be mistaken with that other Paul track, it is a small layout, lined with grass that nowadays is best-known for hosting the Coupe de Pâques, or Easter Cup. Up until 2014, this event featured the Blancpain GT Series. Though before its renaming to the Fanatec GT World Challenge, the main SRO series left my neck of the woods, to be replaced by the FFSA GT. Now, every year at Easter - so this weekend - I attend this popular event to watch GT4 cars battle it out for the National title.

In 2017 and 2018, this French GT4 series featured a pair of opening rounds in the South West of France, the second of which took the paddock to Pau. No, not the twisty Cadwell Park lookalike of Pau-Arnos, but the full fat street circuit that closes roads each May. Ever since I was a young child, I have also visited Pau on a yearly basis, first going to watch the historic event with my parents. But as I grew up, my annual trips focused on the modern Pau Grand Prix, including winners such as Clark and Fangio, no less.

Wolf Racer on Pau Streets.JPG

Close to the action in Pau.

My Local Tracks In Sim Racing​

As you can no-doubt tell by now, I am very lucky to see both of my local circuits feature in sim racing. Not only do both Pau and Nogaro get nice third party recreations in Assetto Corsa by @Ginot Team, they are also both available to drive as official content in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

In addition to these two major racing locations, my local area also features the aforementioned Pau-Arnos. A permanent road course not far from the home to the Pau Grand Prix, this circuit rarely hosts racing, instead focusing on track days for petrol heads. But the track does have a fairly useable version for Assetto Corsa available here. Whilst not perfectly accurate, it should help me prepare for any track days I will hopefully take part in this year with my car, also in sim racing.

Are any of your local race tracks available in sim racing? What do you make of their representations?
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Vålerbanen. Just under 30km from where I grew up.
From I was 5 to 14/15 I watched every single round of the Norwegian Circuit Racing Championship there. Also watched when STCC raced there.
The kart track that's used as a parking area during those races (and shares the paddock with the main track) was my home track for a couple of years (until one was built in my hometown). It was were I got my competition-license, where I did my first race etc.

A couple of pics from STCC


EDIT: Adding track map. The track is also a place for different driving schools. With slippery road training, hills for practicing hill-starts, fully functioning traffic lights etc.
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There's an old pre-dx11 mod for the Anneau du Rhin for rF2 but that's about it as far as I know

I have the track mod in GT Legends and P & G.
I remember in the 70's hearing the engines roar on a Sunday morning and my sons complaining that it wakened them. Shame the plans to turn it into a motorsports centre didn't work out.
Maybe some day it'll turn up in AC.
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well I'm 24 miles from Donington Park so pretty much covered in multiple sims! Although only ever been there during Monsters of Rock festival and never motor racing (although took my father in law to the old museum there a couple of times).
My nearest track is Brands Hatch (Just over half an hour's drive) So I am quite used to my local track being in sim games (Still waiting for it in Forza though, I hope the leaks that it is coming next month are true)

well I'm 24 miles from Donington Park so pretty much covered in multiple sims! Although only ever been there during Monsters of Rock festival and never motor racing (although took my father in law to the old museum there a couple of times).
The first time I went to Donington was for the first festival of music I lived then in Hertfordshire, (yeah Hamilton county) then years later I moved to Nottingham, and over time found that one of my good new acquaintances was at the same festival... right where we (we being me and mates from years ago) were situated, Rainbow were great and Bonnet was awesome!
I,We (the family) have been many times for the racing from Classics/Historics to 2000's GT racing,
Being able to drive in VR on all the tracks I have had track days at, is such a privilege. In my case, my two main one are Calabogie and Icar, but they are all there, thanks to the mod community and AC. AC being AC, I can even drive my own car on those tracks.


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My home track (on the road course side) is Atlantic Motorsport Park in Mill Village, Nova Scotia. Very underrated track in my opinion, but it only mainly hosts club racing nowadays due to its lack of safety standards. There is a GT Legends version that was converted to Assetto Corsa recently, but it would be nice to see an updated version of AMP, as the GT Legends version seems a little outdated and missing a bit of detail. Other than that the GT Legends track is pretty accurate because the track has not changed that much. Its only major event today is hosting a round of the Canadian Superbike Championship every year since 1987.

Track Map
Formula Atlantic car driving around the circuit, 1976.
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VIR for me. Have had the pleasure of pushing some fun cars around there during HPDE/track days over the years. Disregarding my bias, it's just an enjoyable track in sim racing. Very fast with an oldschool feel that makes for close racing but difficult, butt-clenching overtakes. Easy to drive, tough to master and quick to punish. Thankfully it's gotten plenty of love in recent years between developers and modders and is accessible in everything from AC to AMS2 to rF2 and iR. Would love to experience it in ACC as well, but that's not going to happen. Fingers crossed for an appearance in the inevitable AC2 whether that's native or modded.
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Imola is a 40 minutes car ride from where I live now and it is pretty common in any simulator, modern or old.
Siracusa actual abandoned track is present as a mod for Assetto Corsa (pretty accurate I'd say and it is available here on RaceDepart- ahem Overtake!) while elder Siracusa street circuit was created and existed in various versions in Grand Prix Legends!
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I guess my local tracks would be Donington (I've been twice to watch Valentino in MotoGP) and Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb (not been there, yet). One exists in sims, but I haven't seen Shelsley Walsh... yet.

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