Circuit de Pau 2017

Circuit de Pau 2017 1.12

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Latest updates

  1. version 1.12

    - holes in background fixed - new camera positions - AI softened at the start race - some new...
  2. update 1.11 after comments

    Version 1.1 after comments : - timing bug fixed ( missing lap in pit stop, hotlap and time...
  3. version 1.1

    new version

Latest reviews

Merci .
Good mod from Race07 with some modifications.
I know the track very well because I live there and there are some errors compared to reality ;) . The first comes from the sidewalks which arent at 90 ° but at 45 ° for the most part, which facilitates their passage. Then T1 the fast curve in the straight line of the pits is more closed at the exit. With a touring you don't go full speed, you lift your foot slightly. Finally the haricot chicane just before the start of the pit straight is much tighter in real life like race 07. Thank you very much for this mod and if you need any advice or pictures irl. contact me
Very good job! I think is an amazing circuit and you give us the opportunity to join it in AC. Thank you very much! Hope you can spend more time in it and make an ultra realistic track. Anyway, very good job!
vraiment un mod de qualité.a installer de toute urgence
Vraiment plaisant de rouler sur un circuit dont on connait bien la ville, très content des dernières mises à jours !
great track, but it's just too flat. I don't feel able to give feedback on the steering wheel on a straight road. Can you make a little bumpy?
great track! but you have to set the camera 1 a little higher so that it can see over the guardrails.
Also this version need some fixes, but is a must have :)
0k Thank You
Magnifique piste, première fois que je pilote sur ce tracé, et quel plaisir ! Merci 1000 fois
Great work. Also works with Sol
Beau travail ! ça me rappelle chez moi :D
Perfect! Thank you very much
Good job, a download link Textures Pack is available in the Support section of the circuit.
Good Job! is a good track with very nice details.
thank you,remember me Race 07 game pc.
Just discovered this. Very nice, thank you! Next to try out the historic versions =)

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