Kunos Simulazioni Confirms New Car for Assetto Corsa Competizione

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The current version of the Huracan ST is playable this weekend at the Lamborghini Real Race final at Misano, and will later be released to the public.

The Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 will be released to Assetto Corsa Competizione owners according to a Tweet from Kunos.

The new version of the ST is being showcased this weekend at the Misano circuit, host to the world finals of the Lamborghini Real Race competition. Currently the car is available only in a limited demonstration capacity via ACC. The demo of the EVO2 is run on a closed version of ACC, and is set up as a hotlap competition.

The Super Trofeo is the default test car in career mode in ACC. Most of its use is limited to only those career mode driver tests by ACC players, since the car underperforms versus the GT3 class cars in game, but overperforms versus GT4s. The Super Trofeo is one of two single make cars in Competizione, along with the Porsche Cup car.

The real version of the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 will debut in 2022. With 612 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque coming from the 5.2L V10, plus 12 ABS and 9 Traction Control settings, the car will be capable of impressive track times next year during the 2022 Super Trofeo season. There was a newer version of the Super Trofeo, the EVO, which was never added to Assetto Corsa Competizione. The EVO2 isn't a major overhaul from the previous EVO, but tweaks some aspects.

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No word has yet been given on when the car will be released to Assetto Corsa Competizione, but be sure to check back with us at RaceDepartment as more details are made public. Let us know your thoughts on the new car coming to ACC in the comments below.
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I am playing ACC for months and didn't know till today that something like ST exists. Always thought all cars there are GT3 cars.
Any additional content for ACC is good news in my book, as lack of content is the only reason I am not using ACC more often. Even if it is by design and also bring advantages, I would like Kunos to either add content to ACC or start a new ACC with different series.
Really excited for this especially as I kinda predicted it in my ACC DLC speculation video... wondering what else might come true ^^ In my community we are already planning out a Lambo ST Evo2 Cup for the release! Going to be a brutal and awesome car to take around some of the tracks!
Agree with others, pointless outside of offline AI racing.
It's a shame there are no 911 Cup Servers, as it would make things (outside of setups) on a level playing field.
The only thing that this game is missing; is better VR performance.

Let's hope that the announced DLSS feature will solve the performance issues so that this great game is finally playable in VR.

Yes I tried FSR and all the tweaks, even with a 3080TI it's not good enough(G2)

They need to do a performance polish and add more available features like DLSS, SPS etc.
I know it's free but it's gotten kind of tiring seeing "new cars" coming to ACC only for it to be an aero package to a car that's already in the game.

Back when the game came out I was hoping ACC would eventually branch out into other disciplines of motorsports, but now with AC2 on the horizon it looks like that won't be happening.

Just imagine some of the cool series that could be explored with the Blancpain license. TC America immediately comes to mind. Especially the lower class below the TCR cars.
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The only thing that this game is missing; is better VR performance.

Let's hope that the announced DLSS feature will solve the performance issues so that this great game is finally playable in VR.

Yes I tried FSR and all the tweaks, even with a 3080TI it's not good enough(G2).
I know most people are opposed to this, and I was at first, But I now play this game fully maxed out at 100% ss on my reverb g2 with WMR motion reprojection on and its smooth as butter and looks great. Im finally happy with the VR performance. I was so against motion reprojection since I had a 3090 and didnt feel i should have to. But it honestly was a game changer for me. Maybe Im lucky that im not as sensitive to motion as others, but besides the occational motion blur in replays I cant tell much difference between 45 and 90. WMR motion projection came a long way. Try it before you write it off based on what others say. you might be missing out.
The content of ACC is after the long time very disappointing. GT4 and GT3 that's it. I like old Touring cars and so I spent my time in AC with CSP and Sol and a lot of very good mods. AMS2 is for me with the selection of the cars more advanced in the short time in comparison to ACC.
New content is always welcome, but perhaps because of the pandemic, Kunos has relaxed a lot, cars like Supra gt4 have not come yet, if the dlc does not sell, reduce the price it sells, American tracks, Daytona, Sebring, South American, Interlagos, Asian, Fuji, Sepang, let's see if the New BMW gt3 M4 arrives but

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