Laguna Seca is the Latest Confirmed Content Coming to rFactor 2

A busy period of announcements from the Studio 397 development team continued today with the confirmation the Laguna Seca will soon be available in rFactor 2.

The rapid-fire release news coming from the Studio 397 team continued today with the announcement that the Laguna Seca circuit will be coming to rFactor 2.

This announcement was somewhat surprising, as it breaks the trend of British content being confirmed for the sim. The second quarterly content release for rFactor 2, scheduled for this month, has previously been confirmed to include Donington Park, Brands Hatch and BTCC cars as new DLC.

The WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca is a long-standing racing circuit located in Monterey, California. Like the previous circuit announcement for rFactor 2, Brands Hatch, Laguna Seca has a presence across a large number of racing sims and racing games.

The track's most famous section is the complex containing turns 7, 8 and 8a, known as the corkscrew. The sequence drops several stories of elevation in a matter of seconds, and features a blind entry.

Laguna Seca is home to numerous race series currently including INDYCAR, which will be a perfect fit for rFactor 2 since it already offers the Dallara IR18 as DLC.

Laguna Seca and the rest of the previously announced DLC should be available to us this month.
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I'm fairly certain rF2 was always meant to be a stopgap till the IndyCAR game was completed.
This is a huge plus for rF2, I agree the May Content drop is shaping up nicely.
Hope there is more to come.

I also think rF2 was always meant to be a test-bed for game engine features and testing of new stuff for all the MSG titles that was announced. So hybrid in the future, push to pass is a thing now from the release notes etc.
So there was always going to be some bleeding from the licensed titles.
The difference now is that we don't really know if the bleeding is just a test-bed, or if it is what we'll get at the end of the day.
Just remember, the last quick left turn, before going uphill to meet the
corkscrew is really nasty car-wrecker. :roflmao: Seems to be sand on the track, too ! (Race07).
Wow! This Q2 was a totally unexpected surprise with the 2 BTCC tracks and cars,
but now Laguna Seca leave us stunned! 3 classic great tracks and 2 touring cars
- for now - in a single update is astonishing.

By the way, the track looks great. The trees with finer branches and many leaves
look pretty good, pretty realistic, the best they have done so far according to this
footage - I can't wait to enjoy them from the cockpit view. I don't know if any of
you enjoy realistic looking trees, but to me they give me a lot of immersion.

I'm really happy with this update. Can't wait to buy them all when they are out.

For the 100000000000000x time...
The other titles under MSG were never/are not supposed to be hardcore simulations.
The big $$$$ is on simcades such as the F1 titles which attract a broader audience.
rF2 would always have at least a significant chunk of the contents licensed under those titles...
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The new content looks great, but I don't like it when they put up so much billboards with the name of the company that I bought the content from. Bit immersion breaking.
I'm a sucker for original advertising.
Some are very iconic to the whole setting. Now you get confronted with the same brand 10x times on every corner. At every track.
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Unreal! Hopefully S397 can take this MSG money as far as it'll go and escape before MSG collapses, this new content is awesome
@eg01st Not sure if there is any there. On the other hand, am I a superstar now, should I watch ? Probably not.

Seeing how bets on rF2 are materializing into success, slowly but steadily. I understand why there is such an attack. Let the time show us who is who. Might workout for those who has no memory issues.
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NOW we get Laguna Seca? After how long!
Each time it just convinces me more that its a rudderless ship.
Is there no planning? No direction?
Wut? It's an IMSA and Indycar track so perfectly fits the latest content releases and it's simply a great track to race at. I have no idea how some people get on with their lifes if they can't comprehend those simple things. There was a time when content releases for racing sims weren't flooded with constant whine for no apparent reason. When AC got Laguna everyone got crazy how good that was, even without alot less fitting car content. Interesting how times change. And don't get me wrong, I love Laguna in AC, and so do I in AMS2, iRacing and everyother sim that features the track. It's a timeless track that created some of the best memories in racing for me.

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