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Start your engines! Logitech McLaren G Challenge is introducing the Community Circuit, a series of sim racing competitions featuring over $30,000 worth of Logitech G prizes. The Community Circuit taking place on Simracing.GP will feature races throughout the summer on both Assetto Corsa Competizione and Assetto Corsa, beginning on June 27th and running through October 15th, 2023.

Welcome to the Community Circuit!​

The G Challenge Community Circuit will continue to reward hundreds of prizes to sim racers around the globe. Weekly and monthly events will be hosted in North American and European regions/time zones, and will include prizes that can be won through skill or chance! Any eligible drivers who participate in a Community Circuit race have the chance to win a new piece of gear from Logitech G, regardless of skill level.

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Get weekly updates on everything going on in the Logitech McLaren G Challenge! Chat with the community, see the latest race schedules, and find out how you can start racing.

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Compete in Weekly Races, Weekend Cups, & Monthly Championships!

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  • Weekly Races: These races will occur twice a week in both regions and will feature a variety of tracks and race formats. Prizing for Weekly Races will be pairs of Logitech G Fits!
  • Weekend Cups: These cups will have heightened prizing and take place in alternating regions from week to week. Race to win the new Logitech G PRO X 2 Lightspeed Headset!
  • Monthly Championships: The Community Circuit’s highest level of competition. Drive to win the coveted Logitech G PRO X Wheel & Pedals, over $1,300+ in value for your sim racing setup!

Learn more about the Community Circuit and sign up for free at
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