Milestone have released what could be the finest MotoGP racing title to date, with the launch of the brand-new 2021 season replicating MotoGP 21.
  • Available now on console and PC.
  • New career mode features.
  • Long lap and rider fall controls added.
Having undergone considerable development over the years, the MotoGP franchise is set to take yet another step forward with this new release, as Italian development team Milestone continue to apply their now considerable bike game experience to the latest in a long line of official MotoGP racing games.

Featuring all the teams, bikes and riders of the 2021 MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 seasons, plus both the originally scheduled racing calendar and the Covid-19 influenced stand-in schedule, MotoGP 21 takes what has made the franchise so popular of late, and added yet more refinement and polish to this mammoth two-wheel racing franchise.

New for 2021 is a welcome inclusion of more player involvement in returning to a stricken bike, with gamers now having the option to enable a feature where you will have to run back to your bike following a fall, rather than the tradition respawn after any track action. Although a great new addition, it must be noted that the AI do not have to follow this scenario when they themselves come off the bike, although Milestone have committed to adding this feature, along with the MotoE and Red Bull Rookies Cup at some point further in the year.

MotoGP 21 Released 2.jpg

Another new feature for 2021 is the addition of the Long Lap Penalty as in the real MotoGP series, plus the welcome addition of classic bikes and riders, with 40 additional iconic names from the history of bike racing set to come with the game.

MotoGP 21 is available now for around £39,99 on both console and PC.

Key Features:

The Very Best of MotoGP
Live the 2021 Season at its fullest with the classes MotoGP™, Moto2™, Moto3™.
Live the most authentic and immersive 2-wheels racing experience with more than 120 official riders, over 20 tracks and new and improved features for an unprecedented level of realism. And for the first time, the Long Lap Penalty. Relive the history of MotoGP™ with more than 40 historic riders and their iconic bikes.

Plan Your Game
Take full control of your managerial career: joining an official team or creating a brand new one it's up to you. Then select your Staff: a team of professionals will assist you throughout the season and your career, helping you to take crucial decisions like the choice of the best contract and the development of your bike.
And once you get to the highest classes, build your own Junior Team, handling every aspect.

Every Detail Under Control
When you can control and manage every aspect of the race, every decision matters. Keep tabs on the level of Fuel, the Brakes temperature and the Tire wear. Take crucial choices based on your riding style and the conditions of the race.

Winning With Style
Whether is the way you ride or the way you look, style is key in MotoGP™21. Show them who you really are! Customize helmet, suit, stickers, racing number and livery with 5 incredible graphic editors!
And impress everyone with your riding style too! Also, our revolutionary neural AI system based on machine learning is back with significant improvements: get ready to discover new faces of A.N.N.A. in the most exciting races ever!

Take the fun to a whole new level challenging your friends online or create your own events with the Race Director mode, enjoying a smooth and lag-free experience thanks to our Dedicated Servers.

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