Boonatix is at it again with another RaceRoom comparison, this time Vs the car's real life counterpart. Take a ride onboard both the virtual and real life machines for a lap around Hockenheim and judge for yourself.

Our good friend Stefan Boonatix is not shy of comparing cars in the land of sim racing. He recently compared the Audi GT4 in both RaceRoom and ACC and looked at the similarities and differences between the two cars. This time round Stefan has managed to get his hands on some footage of the real life car he is comparing against.

The car in question is the brand new AMG GT4 in RaceRoom. If you read @Mike Smith 's article about this car yesterday you will see that this is an awesome piece of content with Mike calling it one of RaceRoom's best ever cars. Being able to see how well Sector3 did with their recreation of this german beast Vs the real life car is certainly an interesting watch.

Some of the things you would expect from a RaceRoom release is great sound and physics and by the looks of Stefan's video it they did a good job on both those fronts. I've said it before and I will say it again, RaceRoom is a massively underrated simulation and if you haven't tried it already, go and do it now...well, after you have watched the video.

What do you make of the job Sector3 have done with this car? Let us know in the comments below.