Original Fire Games Teases "Little Brother" to Circuit Superstars

Original Fire Games Kart Origin.jpg
From cars to karts: Original Fire Games, the studio behind top-down racer Circuit Superstars, are working on a new title teased as a "little brother" to their initial offering.

Image credit: Original Fire Games

The studio posted a top-down graphic of a kart captioned "Every racing legend had an origin...", making the connection to the start of many racing drivers' careers. Whether or not the new title that is yet to be named is going to feature a similar style to Circuit Superstars is not yet clear, as no further info has been shared so far.

What has been shown, however, is a very short behind the scenes clip that Game Designer Alberto Mastretta shared, positioning a driver model in the kart. The driver looks to feature more lifelike proportions compared to their colleagues in Circuit Superstars, so the new Kart game may be somewhat more to scale.

With how well Original Fire's first effort was received, it should be exciting to see what the studio can come up with for their new title.

More Sim Than Meets the Eye​

Circuit Superstars first released for PC in early access in early 2021, with the full release of the PC and Xbox versions following in October of that year. The PlayStation version soon followed, and the latest update to the title coincided with the release on Nintendo Switch in June of 2023. Check out our review on the latter here!

The game may be a top-down racer with stylized graphics, but there is more simulation under the hood than first meets the eye. Damage, tire wear and fuel consumption all play a part in the races (although they can be switched off), as does throttle control and a good racing line. As a result, the game is relatively easy to get into, but hard to master.

Your Thoughts​

Are you looking forward to Original Fire Games' new kart title? How much did you enjoy Circuit Superstars? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Oh god, not another karting sim, RIP my bank account, just hope Rotax is actually included in this one, not only Iame engines/dead classes. Also gotta hope that this one has better physics than KartSim, KRP and KartKraft. Judging by it's brother game, it won't
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