RaceLeague Announces July 26 Early Access Release

RaceLeague, which promises to bring realistic racing behaviour to a more casual crowd, announced the public release date for their early access today. One month from now, on the 26th of July 2022 is when the indie game will hit the digital storefront Steam.

But What is RaceLeague?​

RaceLeague is an indie racing video game focussing on user-created tracks and multiplayer.

Its main selling points are
  • An included and easy-to-use track creator as well as a seamless track-sharing solution
  • Realistic racing gameplay for a more casual crowd
  • Sophisticated damage model
  • Dynamic and destructible environment
  • Tyre wear, fuel consumption and pit stops
In addition to those, RaceLeague will feature online leaderboards, events and online multiplayer racing.

How Capable will RaceLeague be for Sim Racing?​

Let's get one thing out of the way, though, RaceLeague does not claim to be a new sim. This game, developed by a single Finn, is aimed at a more casual crowd.

That said, tuning your setups for cars will be possible. The extent of this is quite simple. Also, wheels will be supported, however, force feedback is only said to be implemented "if feasible".

Furthermore, a whole damage model is planned including suspension, aero and engine damage. The online leaderboards and multiplayer modes, however, allow for the kick of adrenaline and competition that is needed.

The Market for RaceLeague​

Altogether, RaceLeague is looking to be a fun distraction for sim racers but most importantly a comparatively realistic racing game for gamers and casual racers.

Creative individuals will find their calling with an easy-to-use track creator as well as the capability to upload custom skins for their vehicles.

RaceLeague Early Access will release on Steam on July 26th, 2022.

Does RaceLeague look interesting to you? Can you imagine playing it as a fun distraction from sim racing? Or could it be taken one step further? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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I'm intrigued. This game could fill a niche in the racing market - especially with the (simple but fun looking) track editor.
VR would be nice........

Yes, it reminds me of the racetracks people make in Cities Skylines, though now you can actually race on them!
It would be weird to play a racing game without force feedback now but I definitely wouldn't mind making a local street track in a user-friendly editor.
my thoughts exactly. Also, I wonder what camera views it allows, whether cockpit is included? Doesn't look like it.
Looks like fun to play. The track editor is a brilliant idea. Why don’t have more racing games an accessible track editor?
Looks like fun to play. The track editor is a brilliant idea. Why don’t have more racing games an accessible track editor?
Ah this one I can answer! It takes a lot of time and money to make a good editor plus once it exists it becomes another product you need to support. The developers themselves use external tools to develop the track and then create a dedicated importer for their in-house use that they then sometimes release to the public.

Anyway, money is the answer... it almost always is... On the other hand, Blender 3D is powerful and relatively easy to learn!
Why does iRacing NOT have tire delaminations? How can this be the first title to include this?

This is like a 1st person Circuit Superstars, with better AI. I'm interested. Reminds me of the old GeneRally track editor. I made a lot of tracks (and cars) for that game...
An intuitive Track Editor? :confused: Yes please! :D I spent more time making and tweaking tracks on V-Rally 2 (PC) and DTM Race Driver (DS) than racing back in the day. The one thing that made me buy those games was the easy-to-use track editor, from which you could jump into testing with just a few clicks. Looking forward to give this new one a try, if it's that easy it's going to be a keeper! :thumbsup:
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I already see the mess. Promo video shows "online multiplayer" followed by a massive crash :rolleyes:

It kills the immersion a bit, but i would prefer a non-contact option in open multiplayer (like trackmania did)
My only concern is the few number of cars on the track. It seems like the maximum is 10? That's a bummer for such a fun-looking game.
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