1. BlackFox510

    20# Hitotsuyama Racing McLaren F1 GTR 2024-07-12

    Skin compatible for both Legion's and Neko Taisen's McLaren F1 GTR N°20 Hitotsuyama Racing from 2005 JGTC Legion: Neko Taisen: Version with winglets...
  2. I.R.Brainiac

    chevrolet_corvette1970 skins and data. 1.1

    8 Ball,9 Ball and Oddball skins from WheelZassQ racing.(Colorado) MANUAL INSTALL This is a child mod for Smallblockhero's 1970 LT1 Corvette. here Install... Download,install original car.(link above) You will now have a car...
  3. 2024 Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Live Stream, History & Preview

    2024 Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Live Stream, History & Preview

    Perhaps the most famous hill climb racing event in the world is set to kick off: The 2024 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is set to take place for the 102nd time on June 23 - here's how to watch, some history and a small preview. Race week for the 2024 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is...
  4. DavidDGA

    2005 FIA GT Championship - Mosler MT900 GT3 skinpack 1.0

    Here are the 3 Mosler that ran at 2005 FIA GT Championship Cool car, this time thanks to @DaWallace we have this fantastic model to recreate these skins. Only Shaun Balfe Mosler was a contendant in most races. The other two raced in Silverstone as guests from the British GT Championship. Link...
  5. I

    Carbon Redux 1.0

    Just a simplified less informative version of my Carbon simhub dash, this is perfect for just driving around the track, or doing hot laps.
  6. Gav Elias

    Looking for 2024 recommendations for setup

    I have dabbled in and out of sim racing for years, but was always a little limited in terms of space, time, and finances available to freely invest in sim racing. I will primarily be using PC and less frequently on a console (currently own PS5). I have previously owned the Logitech G25 and...
  7. infinite torque

    MX5 Cup Race Day Track By Sandy Baggy 2024-05-27

    i made a race track specifically designed for the mx5 cup car. its a small stack with some overtaking points and a combination of fast and slow corners.Made with Race Track Builder, ksEditor and content manager/assetto corsa.
  8. Phishl

    Zawotec Racing #91 Fictional Livery Audi R8 Evo II 1.0

    I thought that a topographic livery would look good, so I made one! I thnik it's the best livery I have made yet, if you like it please leave a like or a review. If you would like another color or other sponsors and I have time to do so I am going to, but naturally you have to request...
  9. Ricardo Raceworks

    Porsche Carrera Cup GB 2024 - Dan Lloyd #123 1.0

    Hi all, I am back to business when it comes to painting in assetto again :p Here is Dan Lloyds Porsche Cup GB contender for the 2024 season. This livery is for URD Darche Cup 2021 Can be found on there website here ---> I do plan to make more but as im very...
  10. S

    Chatham Racing Circuit v1

    Hello everyone. I'm submitting at track mod for you to try out. I'm seeking feedback on it's design. The track was done in RTB, but I will be finalizing in another 3D software, i.e. Blender or Unreal. I thank you in advance for your input. I hope you enjoy it's complexity.
  11. Z

    Sell [EU] Ascher Racing F64 V2

    Item has been sold. Hey folks, I'm finally letting go of my trusty F64 V2. It's a great wheel and I would never sell it if my rig could fit a standalone dash... The wheel is in excellent condition and everything works like on day one, as you'd expect from an Ascher wheel. I bought it around...
  12. D

    Goodsmile Racing 2024 Livery 1

    Important: You will need the Endurance DLC to use the GT3 Gen2. This is actually my first livery. I made it for a friend over the course of about two weeks so it is not perfect but i figured it was still good enough to share. It replaces the black/yellow #71 car (ID:56). Special thanks to...
  13. RenoF1

    Boro F1 1976 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

    Boro was the first ever Formula 1 team from the Netherlands. They ran in 1976 and 1977 on a partial schedule. As a dutchman, I felt this obscure F1 adventure from the 1970's deserved some new attention. So I made the livery for a modern F1 car :) Boro was a Formula 1 team from the Netherlands...
  14. Entengott

    Kunos Hurcan Gt3 Darkgreen pinstriped 1

    I haven't really made skins since 2022 so I thought I'd try it again this time differently I tried to draw some pinstripe like lines (not sure how to call it) throughout the car which are in a brighter green than the main color I hope you guys like it. here are some pictures of the skin ingame:
  15. Top 10 Fastest Cars In Forza Horizon 4

    Top 10 Fastest Cars In Forza Horizon 4

    We all have one goal in racing: to become the fastest of all. Get ready to overtake your opponents with these ten fastest cars in Forza Horizon 4. Photo credit: Microsoft / Forza Horizon 4 What’s the most important aspect for you when it comes to choosing a car in Forza Horizon 4: the looks...
  16. Top 5 Free Racing Games on Steam

    Top 5 Free Racing Games on Steam

    From futuristic aircraft to 1960s hill climbing, there are plenty of free racing games to be found on Steam. Here are the five free Steam racing games with the best user reviews! Photo credit: Taranasus Gaming can be an expensive hobby, and sim racing has more than its fair share of expensive...
  17. DavidDGA

    2003 Ferrari 550 GT1 - Prodrive 1.0

    Here are Prodrive contendants for 2003 American Le Mans Series. These Ferrari whre strong rivals for the GTS category, being the C5-R their direct rival. Corvette Racing were dominant until round 6, where Prodrive started winning all rounds. This wasn't enough and got second overall, 4 points...
  18. Santi007

    JGW Acura My Team 1.0

    MOD FEATURES Standard package: Emblem Car (default and customizable) Driversuit and helmet You need to use Genesis skins or Division for the customizable car. Compatible with Semi Modular Mods except MyTeam Package Templates (words.erp) because my mod already fulfills that function. The...
  19. Ex-Kunos Physics Guru Aris Vasilakos Joins Wilder World

    Ex-Kunos Physics Guru Aris Vasilakos Joins Wilder World

    After departing Kunos Simulazioni, Aris Vasilakos now joins Wilder World, a metaworld-type project that will feature racing as one of its pillars. Former SimBin dev Marcus Reynolds is also on board. Image credit: Wilder World 2024 started off with a bang in the sim racing scene, as news broke...
  20. Feike007

    Invicta Racing. 1.0

    This is my concept livery of how a Invicta Racing conversion from F2 to F1 could look like. I included Invicta's yellow and Porto as a main sponsor including their blue in the livery. This is a full myteam package. This mod requires Semi-Modular mods base files. - Invicta Racing. Team...

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