RaceRoom’s Impressive (and Free) HillClimb Experience

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RaceRoom Racing Experience is a free-to-play racing sim, and among the free content included is an excellent HillClimb car and fantasy track.

One of the impressive features of RaceRoom Racing Experience is its free-to-play model. The core game is free through Steam and includes several cars and tracks as base game content. Further content can be purchased a la carte, but the base game content is impressive and should provide many hours of entertainment. Among this free content is a fantasy HillClimb course, and a legendary HillClimb car.

The free HillClimb track is called Lakeview Hillclimb. It’s a 10.6-kilometer-long trek through a fictitious setting influenced by Swedish forests. It doesn’t have the elevation change from start to finish that you might expect from a Hill Climb course, but there are numerous, sudden dips and bumps that challenge your car’s grip. The road itself is two-lanes wide and paved, and its prevalent twists and turns through the forest create a pervasive threat of close calls with trees and roadside rock faces.

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RaceRoom’s free Hill Climb car is the 134 Judd V8. The late Georg Plasa drove this car in real life for the 2011 European HillClimb Championship. The car features a 3.4L V8 engine that revs to 12,000 RPM. Its scream echoing off the sides of the Lakeview HillClimb creates an excellent ambience and gives a further sense of speed for the run. The car is light but manages to generate massive amounts of downforce thanks to its exaggerated wings, canards and diffusers. Driving the vehicle at Lakeview is an exercise in bravery, as the limits of the traction are almost impossible to find, and instead the HillClimb run time is usually limited by how hard you’re willing to attack the many blind high-speed corners.

In the video below, I test out the free RaceRoom 134 Judd at Lakeview.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried this HillClimb in RaceRoom, and what sort of times you’ve managed.
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That was pretty neat, your facial expressions look mostly like you're driving to the supermarket to pick up some groceries.
Raceroom is a fantastic sim that doesn't get anywhere near the amount of credit it should. THANK YOU so much for showing off this content. Also, if anyone wants some more free content, Richard Burns Rally and the excellent Hungarian Plugin (which is all free) has Pikes Peak hillclimb as well as other excellent stages.
This is certainly an area in raceroom that I would love to see more fleshed out. Hillclimb cars are always a handful and sound brutal, if licensing is an issue then the limit is their imagination and there are all sorts of cars that they could bring in, maybe even modifications of current cars. Hillclimbs in general is a area I would love to see more of in racing titles.
Thanks Mike. This is going to be where I'll initially drive my CSL DD.

Hill climb needs more tracks and vehicles. The Judd and Carlsson are awesome, but it would be nice to see more added to the roster. And it would be nice to get a track that shows extreme elevation changes, but for that the game may need to move from DX9. Still, I have a good time when I fire it up.

And now I'm setting up the wheel stand, to take the Judd BMW out for a spin.

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Looking at you bouncing in your motion rig driving in R3E is a good demonstration that the road surfaces in R3E has all the bumps that anyone can handle if they have the proper gear, ie either tactile or motion or both.
R3E has a lot going to be a great SIM, thank you for reminding us that their is a lot of goodies buried on our hard drives, and not just to always ask for new when we already have so much to enjoy.
So much to do , so little time.
Raceroom is actually the only current Sim that has a solid hillclimb scenario, and Lakeview Hillclimb is my favorite. Now iRacing is even stepping up, I hope that there will soon be more possibilities with native tracks in the sim that are so well done. I hope Sector3 will recognize the quasi-empty market and step up. Otherwise all you have to do is dust off the DiRT Rally and climb Pikes Peak. Always cool too.
i have to check my time i did there 5years ago, or was it more ?
wait , who cares, back to Race07.
back in the day, I used this track and that one free touring car one had to dial in my wheel after each round of updates made it necessary again. it always gave you a benchmark of what to aim for in your settings. best hill climb experience to this date is the half tarmac half gravel version of Pikes Peak in Dirt Rally, at least to my mind, since you actually climb a hill there.
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How can I forget this awesome car exist in R3E. I'm not a fan of a long hill climb race, but I'll definitely take it for a spin on my fav tracks this weekend. Nice article Mike :thumbsup:
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