RaceRoom - 10 Cars to thrash at the Lakeview Hillclimb track

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The Lakeview Hillclimb is a fictional track that is great for time trialling, or even the perfect way to get to grips with a car and how it handles.

Lakeview Hillclimb is a fictional track in RaceRoom that is set in the Swedish countryside, winding through a forest and passing some beautiful lakes. The track has 2 layouts (full run and reverse) and consists of 51 corners over 10.6km.

This track is free and so here are our top 10 picks for the best cars to blast along this fun, yet fictional track.

On the subject of free, you can try out any of the cars in this list on the Lakeview Hillclimb track by finding the car from the store and selecting a test drive.
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This Lakeview thing is a more or less an undiscovered gem exclusively to Raceroom.
Dont matter if you fancy more roadlike tintops or highpowered downforce formula cars then this track is great.
In a virtual racing car its just like a hollyday trip in the mountins - just on steroids :D
It could be great if some of the other racing games got a licence from Raceroom to copy this fictional racing pearl;)

Are you listening Reiza? :roflmao:

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Btw, have you guys noticed that S3 Studios is now KW Studios?

There they write: "With renewed backing we’re looking to expand our team and take advantage of the next-generation engines that can deliver the ultimate in virtual racing experiences."
Now waiting for that nice sound inside my head when that penny is dropping... :)
On the track, its beautiful to drive and to look at. Lakeview also is nice. I visit both frequently, just for fun.
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Actually one of the two hillclimb tracks is no really fictional, but bases on a real track and landscape. I forgot which one it was, but I checked it some years ago - and found it on Google Earth. Finland, I think, but I could be mistaken.
I love Raceroom raceway too it's a very nice track. Fictitious tracks don't need licenses and can be better than real tracks. Developers can indulge their imagination. Personally, I can't take tracks like Monza or Spa anymore
Monza I get, but Spa? Heresy I say, heresy!:D
Hill climbing is great fun. I would also add the Group 2 Scirocco and the Fabcar 935. I did a virtual bergrennen video for Sim Racing Bible and these cars were awesome! Plus the Karlsson Mercedes is another great option being a hill climb car itself.

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