RaceRoom: Formula X-22 "Around the Corner" with New Zandvoort?

A while back, RaceRoom developer KW Studios announced the development of a new open-wheel race car. It seems like its release is finally edging ever closer, with a surprise in tow.

The Formula X-22​

Following the typical RaceRoom naming scheme, the Formula X-22 is KW's take on the 2022 homologation of Formula 1 vehicles. This can clearly be seen with the very memorable front wing and halo, amongst others.

According to their latest tweet, RaceRoom announce the FX-22 to have:
  • New model, physics & sound
  • Option to disable halo
  • 3 tyre compounds
  • Engine maps and MGU-K modes
  • DRS and Overtake functions
  • 30+ nation-themed liveries
But while we already knew about the Formula X-22 for a while (it has been confirmed to be in development several times now), another more subtle tease is part of the announcement picture.

New Zandvoort is Coming?​

What has been speculated since 2020 seems to finally become true.

Back then, the currently available version of Zandvoort has been renamed "Circuit Zandvoort 2019". Of course, with the redesign of the Dutch circuit in 2020, KW must be planning to implement the new developments, right?

And so, fans of the Swedish simulation waited and waited.

And with this announcement, eagle-eyed viewers of the picture might be able to realise a very high-banked Arie Luyendijk Bocht (T14) in the background. This, of course, leads to believe that the redesigned Circuit Zandvoort is coming Soon™ to RaceRoom.

I, for one, am hoping to try out the new open-wheelers on the high banks of the new Zandvoort. What about you? Are you looking forward to this release? Let us know in the comments down below!
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New Zandvoort is a nice-to-have... if you like Zandvoort (which I don't) :roflmao: But the new open-wheeler likely won't push me to buy RaceRoom content where I haven't before. We'll see, I suppose, though.

I look to different sims for different experiences based on what features they implement particularly well or unique features they offer. RaceRoom: solid AI (albeit aggressive and leave little space, so probably best suited to touring cars), Scandinavian tracks, modern DTM cars and tracks, and historic DTM (only with modern tracks, which is a shame). Sure, it has GT3s and open wheelers and so on, but you can get more complete and detailed experiences elsewhere.

Other than a car that drives well, what special features might push me to pick this new unlicensed formula car up? A few things. AI that don't yeet like Maldonado. AI using DRS and Overtake functions intelligently (including to overtake in a straight line). AI with sensible, well-tuned pit strategy decision-making. Modern F1 circuits. F1-style qualifying procedures. The ability to add real-world liveries from the community. RaceRoom can't do the last two, but could maybe tune their sim to offer the rest. :)
I've been into league races in RF2's 2021 Zandvoort. I simply can't get myself to come back to the older ones now; the high banks created a lot of new variables in that hairpin turn even for non F1 cars!
Formula cars aren't my forte. I like the novelty of attempting to drive them, but I hardly have what it takes to race them effectively. Maybe I need to keep trying?

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