1. C3drik_

    Andretti 2017 SKIN for Spark-Renault SRT_01E 2.0

    Hello everyone This is the Andretti racing skin for 2017. The skin is for the mod created by Assetto Sim Team and haunetal1990, but since it's a 2015 mod, I'll give you the link to the updated and adjusted version of the car The updated car -->...
  2. Sunshine_Trooper

    Jaegermeister DTM BMW M4 GT3 "Team Linder" 1

    A livery for the BMW M4 GT3 based on the BMW M3 E30 Team Linder Jägermeister DTM 1992. I hope you like it. Please give me a feedback.
  3. thejqka

    Sean Bull - BMW Sauber Petronas - Concept - RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

    Hey guys! Here I bring you Sean Bulls incredible 2023 BMW Sauber Concept! Officially converted from his own render files to race with in Assetto Corsa. The original concept: The driver numbers are Bottas and Zhous, meant as a team-replacement. The skins come with a fitting, fully...
  4. Sunshine_Trooper

    Schubert Motorsport BMW M4 GT3 1

    Schubert Motorsport Livery for the BMW M4 GT3 . I hope you like it. Please give me a feedback.
  5. rxOutL

    Kaisa from Hilda The Series Netflix by OutL | BMW M4 GT3 1.0

    Hello everyone, I am OutL and this is the livery of Kaisa from Hilda The Series on Netflix. It's a cartoon show about the adventure of a blue-haired girl in the wilderness. Hilda, the main character, and her moms, Johanna had to move to the city called Trolberg, and the rest of it is in the...
  6. aleksib09b

    Real dash for RSS MP-H Bayer Hybrid V8 0.24

    // THIS REQUIREs BOTH CSP AND CONTENT MANAGER TO WORK PROPERLY The RSS MP-H Bayer Hybrid V8 features a single-page, steering wheel mounted display to provide driver with useful information in an easy-to-read format but it's does not match the real one (BMW M Hybrid V8) So I decide to make an...
  7. thejqka

    BMW i M Formula E Team - Concept - VRC Formula Lithium 2023 1.0

    Hello There! What if BMW returned to Formula E? This is what it could look like withe their current on track CI. Do you think this could actually happen? Cheers, Leon Take a look of more of my stuff on my IG: Amazing screenshots done by...
  8. aleksib09b

    Team MTEK #81, #82 WEC 2018-2019 - BMW M8 GTE / urd_bayro_egt 1.18

    WEC 2018/2019 liveries for the BMW M8 GTE / urd_bayro_egt, the only season this big boy has competed at the world's biggest endurance championship. BMW was entered by factory support Team MTEK with 2 PRO entries: #81 Nicky Catsburg, Martin Tomczyk, Phillip Eng #82 António Félix da Costa...
  9. ManifoldWasHere

    BMW Motorsport/BMW WRT Valentino Rossi - My Team - Collab with @Feike007- 2 mods 1.0

    Want an F1 mod made for you? Check out my Ko-Fi! WRT M BMW Formula One Team - Valentino Rossi | Collab With @Feike007 Mod Includes: My Team Livery Driver Numbers 1- 99 Racegear - Designed by @Feike007 Teamwear and Picrew - Designed by...
  10. L

    2003 Williams FW25 | VRC Formula Alpha 2023 1.0

    A friend of mine asked if I could make a BMW Williams livery for the VRC Formula Alpha 2023 car, so I decided to release a version of it publicly since it came out pretty nice. I chose the 2003 Williams FW25 as inspiration, as it was arguably the most successful of the BMW-era and perhaps even...
  11. B

    Spin City Raceway 2024-04-14

    Brand new track made by Spin City Garage. Best new drifting track
  12. Cauri Design

    Black Falcon Bilstein M4 GT3 24h Nurburgring ACC adaptation 1.0

    As title says, this is an adaptation of Misha Charoudin, Jimmy Broadbent, Steve Alvarez Brown and Manuel Metzger BMW M4 GT4 livery for the bigger sister, theBMW M4 GT3. I had to remove a sponsor since it's a competitor of PIRELLI and i don't like to add a logo that doesn't match the tires, and...
  13. mattrans

    BTCC 2024 MB Motorsport BMW - Jake Hill 1.0

    This is for the First Studio Racing BMW 330i available from their patreon page. Drop the folder into: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content
  14. eKlasik

    BMW M4 GT3 Evo Testing Livery 1.0

    The upcoming BMW M4 GT3 Evo was spotted testing recently, sporting some Erlkönige camo. Unfortunately due to the limitations of AMS2 custom liveries I wasn't able to fully replicate some of the additional tape the car had.
  15. Feike007

    BMW M Motorsport(Myteam package) 1.0

    This is my concept livery of a fantasy BMW M Motorsport F1 entry. I got inspired by seeing Aarava's BMW and the World Endurance Championship and IMSA livery. I decided to incorporate the modern BMW style on a F1 car. This team would be powered by a BMW Engine. It's a full Myteam package and...
  16. xTOF_BE

    Custom BMW M4 GT3 livery 2024-03-27

    A free to use livery for your BMW M4 GT3. If you like the livery, please give me a thumbs up and rate my work. A small dono is always appreciated. If you want something similar custom made, feel free to dm me. We can talk about what you want exactly.
  17. Onboard Lap at Valencia with Robert Kubica | 2009 European Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Onboard Lap at Valencia with Robert Kubica | 2009 European Grand Prix | #assettocorsa

    Go onboard with Robert Kubica's BMW Sauber F1.09 for a lap around the street circuit of Valencia during Q2. If you enjoyed the video and this is the first ti...
  18. M

    BMW M3 E3O Patrick Snijers 1988 Livery 1.1

    Patrick Snijers/Dany Colebunders' 1988 Bastos livery for the M3 E30 Installation Follow this tutorial to enable the installation of modded .pak files. Then, unzip the .rar archive and drop the file into your WRC "Paks" folder. If playing through Steam, the directory is as follows: Program...
  19. xTOF_BE

    Custom BMW M2 CS Cup TC livery 1.9.8

    A free to use livery for your M2 CS to show that anything is possible with any car that's in ACC. If you like the livery, please give me a thumbs up and rate my work. A small dono is always appreciated. If you want something similar custom made, feel free to dm me. We can talk about what you...
  20. 0ddba11

    BMW M4 GT3 Fantasy Collection V1.0

    This is a collection of 4 BMW M4 Liveries which has now been completed No.8 Red Bull Car No.16 LiquiMoly Car No.23 Jack in the Box Car No.66 Haas Car

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