Recreating the Galeão GP in Automobilista 2

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The 2022 Galeão GP was held last weekend in Rio, and Automobilista 2 gives you the chance to recreate this fast, fun event in the comfort of your home.

Many of us will find ourselves with a bit more extra time this weekend bit dint of the Easter long weekend. This might be the perfect time to recreate the Galeão GP, the exciting fourth race of the 2022 Stock Car Pro Series season.

The real life race was held last weekend in Rio de Janeiro at the Galeão airport. The extremely wide and long straightaways at Galeão mean you're flat out for most of your lap, with plenty of room to set up and execute an overtake into the braking zones.

The track is a great fit for the 2022 Stock cars in Automobilista 2. These cars are among a select few that have been given updated tires with stiffer sidewalls to date. The 450 horsepower V8 engines sound great racing wheel-to-wheel down the runways, and a little bit of rear end slip on corner exit make these cars a blast to drive at Galeão.

Here is how to set up the race in AMS2:
  • 2022 Stock Cars
  • Galeão Airport
  • April 10th, 2022
  • 30-minute race
  • 13:00 start time
  • Medium cloud
  • Rolling start
The real race featured two 30-minute races, so jump right back in for another session if you have the time. Allow for plenty of fuel, perhaps 80 liters, as the Stock Cars tend to be thirsty.

Here is a look at the real race from last weekend:

The beautiful Brazilian setting, the roaring V8s, and the close, fast racing action make this a great way to pass a half hour this weekend or any time.

If you've had a chance to create the Galeão GP in Automobilista 2, be sure to let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed it. Or, if you have another way to enjoy your long weekend with some bonus sim racing, let us know that as well.
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There's something missing for me from AMS1, something about a real weightiness and connectedness, otherwise yeah they'd be the one of the best.,
I have to agree. I don't mean to open up another huge physics debate on the matter, but you could just judge and feel things better in 1. 2 looks great, but the AI can be a bit processional and I just can't get on with the physics, but hey ho, others seem to think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, so clearly I'm missing out!
Speaking of that track, it just got an update with the just released patch:

Automobilista 2 is now updated to v1.3.5.2 - this is a small complementary update to upgrade the Galeao track according to the latest references along with some other fixes & improvements.



  • Added a 1s delay before ERS 'auto' mode is considered settled enough to be used as the new base mode for cycling mode (an overshoot into 'auto' now means a navigation up the stack will will select 'off' if done within 1s)
  • Added ERS deployment mode and clutch state information to shared memory

  • Added ERS Auto mode indication to HUD
  • Fixed ICM issue that only allowed selection of the first two pit strategies

  • F-Retro G3 TE: revised cockpit engine & turbo; assigned proper interior AI sound

  • Galeao: Revised track according to actual event references; adjusted track elevations between T1 and T2, replaced the startlight gantry to match one used in actual event; update static concrete barriers, walls and dynamic cones; adjusted AI collision corridors at the chicane

  • Uno (all cars): Added dirt map; Adjusted driver animation fingers position; Added vibrating bits on the cockpit; Adjusted the shift gaiter rigging
  • Corvette C3 - Livery override folder added
  • McLaren MP4/1C: Fixed tire side texture rotation issue
  • Metalmoro MRX P2: Added 1 new livery
This is the type of Post which motivates to get into the Sim and Race , wish they could incorporate your best race time per track car compo into a parallel Leader board automaticaly , for example , have the current leader board time trial system along with Race & Qual leaderboard.
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Ricardo Zonta , Felipe Massa , Rubens B, & NPJn , Tony Kanaan , Some familiar names in the Brazilian Stock car series.


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The cars are great and the track combo is fun.

Tho I'm still scratching my head with Reiza's decisions
In the last update they added the 2022 Stockcar and Galaeo track just in time for the RL race that weekend, they added the 2022 stockcar season to the championship mode but they didn't add the Galaeo track to the 2022 schedule?

I was hoping it would be added in today's patch but I didn't ready any notes saying so.

It doesn't make any sense to me why they wouldn't update that?
Ricardo Zonta , Felipe Massa , Rubens B, & NPJn , Tony Kanaan , Some familiar names in the Brazilian Stock car series.
Looking at the results, few former open wheel racers seem to have success in the stock cars series, with the exception of Barrichello. It must be hard to adjust to what is a very different car from the ones they were used to.

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