Rennsport To Feature AUDI R8 LMS GT3 Evo II in Closed Alpha

GT3 sim fans across the world rejoice once again as the new-kid-on-the-block Rennsport announced the Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II to be featured in its Closed Alpha from now on.

On October 31st 2022 Rennsport announced on Twitter that they would feature the Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II from now on in their closed alpha.

This seems to not be the end of the cooperation, however, as Rennsport mentioned in their tweet: "We are very proud to welcome @AudiOfficial to the #RENNSPORT family."

While this welcoming message may seem to be just that, a friendly welcome, it seems to imply the licensing contract goes beyond just this one GT3 model.

We do have to await, however, in which direction Rennsport will go as a simulation as in featured content. Currently, the main focus lies on GT3s as seen by the included Porsche 911 GT3 and BMW M4 GT3. However, with the inclusion of the Porsche Mission R, a concept more akin to RaceRoom or rFactor 2 with many different classes of cars seems likely as well.

The main direction right now seems to be Grand Tourers though. With this in mind, it is not far-fetched to assume the inclusion of GT2s sooner or later. This would allow both Porsche and Audi to include their homologized GT2 vehicles in the German simulator. Keep in mind this is only speculation, however.

A clear direction for at least the alpha and beta states of Rennsport seems to form, however. With this manufacturer being the third to be featured in the sim as well as the third German car builder, it seems like the Munich-based studio incorporates a strategy of involving their local economy first and foremost. Whether this is just a pre-release flair of the simulator remains to be seen.

Help to shape Rennsport​

What are your hopes for the future of Rennsport? What would you like to see included in the new and upcoming sim? Let us know in the comments down below or in our newly found Sub-forum for Rennsport Suggestions!
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Good luck to the Rennsport team, it won't be easy to stand out from the existing titles who already offer basically whatever a racing enthusiast may wish for. Stunning graphics could do the trick I guess ; )

On the other hand, it is the most popular racing series when it comes to sims. Good way to test your sim, being able to compare it to cars basically populating every other sim you might have to top or differentiate from.

Though I'd prefer some historical touring car series, GT1, Le Mans prototypes, etc. myself too. So let's just hope their entire focus won't be on it, though then again, starting with one or more fleshed out series in stead of 1-3 cars each is also preferable.
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Boring :( now if they chucked out a BTCC renault laguna they would have my attention.
Hyping up "another GT3" wonder if they have studyed the market lol
Are the beta testers already testing this? Any videos of them or not allowed?

If this becomes a GT3 Sim in the end, I won't buy this.
Are the beta testers already testing this? Any videos of them or not allowed?

If this becomes a GT3 Sim in the end, I won't buy this.
Beta testers cannot test, because its a closed Alpha :roflmao: and as closed also means "not public". Thats why you'll see only YT's from the devs
A new player in the sim racing space is more than welcome. Frankly, the existing crop of popular sims could use some competition. I'm no fan of esports or GT3 cars, per se, but I wish Rennsport all the best. More cars... more tracks... more people playing the game... more features... I'm glad to hear it.

Besides... remember, whatever they learn with this title in terms of physics and so on will help them with future titles. So even if Rennsport isn't including the content you want right now, if the devs continue on and make future titles, those might be more up your alley.
I hope they come up with something good, even if the idea of starting with GT3 cars is quite pedestrian, in my opinion. There are so many racing series that are not represented very well that I don’t understand why they picked the most common type of cars as their starting point.

That’s why I am a big fan of Reiza. They pick cars and tracks that are not obvious choices. Did anybody see their latest development update? They will soon add the Corvette C4 GTP that was used in the IMSA series in the late 80’s. Now, that’s an interesting and unusual choice!

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Will there be safety car or virtual? At least something different from ACC, if not, I prefer to stay with the latter, although it is still early to say anything, maybe they will implement it
You, guys, are brutal bunch. A new player in the biz is entering the scene and you already poking your pitchforks over decision to base the game around GT3 cars. Conversely, if devs would choose relatively unpopular racing series to base the gameplay upon, someone's gonna get angry that GT3 cars are nowhere to be seen...

Sure, GT3 cars are omnipresent in sims, so what? You can't please everyone. If implementation is right (cough... Ass... cough... to Co... cough... tizio... cough), the game will take off. If not, well... we've got plenty of games already to have fun. Personally, I've no expectations on Rennsport, therefore disappointment won't be big if the game will turn out to be a dud. Physics model is much more important than which cars and championships you want to have. Don't forget licensing costs money.

In the end it all comes down to this: will the game be finished and well-polished right before the release date? By looking at Ass... cough... to Co... cough... tizio... cough, devs may ignore various issues for years while milking you by questionable monetization practices. We haven't heard from Rennsport team what these NFT shenanigans will be about. So... don't expect much. But also don't sneer at the game without trying it out first. We shall wait and see.
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