Rennsport Update Adds Porsche Cup Road to Hockenheim

After a teaser earlier in the week, Rennsport‘s newest car will be added to the platform on 22 September. As predicted, it will in fact be the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car.

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As was predicted by many within the community, the car that Rennsport teased was in fact the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. The car is used in spec series which act as a jumping-off point for many hopeful sportscar racers.

The car will be added in an update over the course of 22 September. Providing you have access to the Rennsport beta, keep checking the Epic Games Store for an update around 9pm CEST.

Porsche Cup Rennsport: Road To Hockenheim​

Along with the introduction of the 911 GT3 Cup car to Rennsport, a new competition starts on the platform. On 22 October, the final round of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland will be held at the Hockenheimring. This also coincides with the final rounds of the DTM and ADAC GT Masters seasons.

Dubbed the ‘Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Challenge Road to Hockenheim’, it takes the form of a hotlap time trial. From 22 September until 5 October, the competition will be available through Rennsport‘s own competition system. The sessions open up multiple times a day under the name ‘PECCC – Road to Hockenheim’.

It is open to drivers who are a minimum of 18 years of age, and are a registered citizen of a European country.

After the competition ends, the top three drivers will be invited to Hockenheim on the weekend of 22 October. They will have taxi rides, a paddock tour, get to meet the drivers competing in Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, and go on a grid walk.

If you are interested in competing but still do not have access to Rennsport‘s Closed Beta, you can sign up to the waitlist here. Keys are also handed out on the ESL R1 broadcast, so tune in tonight from 7pm CEST on the official Twitch and YouTube channels to try your luck!

Will you be attempting the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Challenge Road to Hockenheim on Rennsport? Tell us in the comments down below!
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as a (so called) 3D modeler or whatever, it always feels a waste of energy that each game comes out with the same cars over and over again, and that each of the developpers hire new modelers to create new models of the same cars, again and again...
I understand there's licensing and the will to do better than the others etc.
but still.
Utopia world would join effort for ressources instead. What a world there is in my head.

And on another note, i find it funny that all the games do have the same cars... it's becoming very rare to have a car you never drove before in any game.
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I really don't understand their strategy.... This simulator supposed to be featuring many car categories, and yet they only feature GT3 type cars. Bad marketing strategy if you are trying to differentiate yourself from ACC :( Then, they only worry about esports, while the simulator has so many issues (sounds are a disaster, can't even change time of day, etc...). Oh well, good luck, I hope I'm wrong.
The crew morotfest has all my attention, I play it, then I will play with WRC, omg don't care about rennsport...
Q: Will you be attempting the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Challenge Road to Hockenheim on Rennsport?
A: No.
nice, this combo is in all the games already
But not with the look and feel of Rennsport. It's like complaining that yet another mp shooter set in the modern day has the AK47. Or that a Samsung phone does mostly the same thing like an iPhone etc. Honestly, why keep people complaining about similar content in racing sims? If you go to an icecream store do you complain that they also have chocolate flavor just like 1034732 other icecream parlors?
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