Are you a fan of single-seater race cars? Do you wish to blast around some of the best circuits in the world against a whole grid of other racers in similarly light and grippy tyre-bound fighter jets?

Well look no further, coming to the rFactor 2 Racing Club on RaceDepartment for Premium Members is a Monday-night extravaganza of action.

Introduction to Single-Seater Mondays​

Single-Seater Mondays is, as it says in the title, events on Monday evenings predominantly in Single-Seater, Open-Wheeled cars. Races will be set as number of laps to be different to our current rFactor 2 events, but they will be calculated to be around 50 minutes of racing usually.
  • Faster cars such as Formula 1 and Indycars will run 50% Grand Prix distances.
  • Lower-category cars such as F3 and F4 will run two races of around 25 minutes in length.
  • Formula E races will be set to around 70km in length.

What cars are we going to use?​

There are a good bunch of free-to download official cars which we will begin to use. They include a couple of 1990's McLaren Formula 1 cars, 2012 F1 cars, Dallara Indycars, the 2017 Formula 2 season, plus Tatuus F3 and F4 cars for some double-header shorter races.

There are also three DLC mods which are also planned to be used in the future. Who knows, if the racing is good enough we might even think of doing a league with them!
  • IndyCar - Dallara IR18
  • Formula Pro
  • Formula E Gen2 2019 - 2022

When is it starting?​

On Easter Monday, 18th April 2022, Single-Seater Mondays kicks off with a special event - a recreation of the 1998 Japanese Grand Prix!

McLaren MP4/13​

All users will get to sample the incredible McLaren MP4/13, the Adrian Newey designed car which Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard won 9/16 races with that year, and which won Mika Hakkinen his first driver's title.

Land of the Rising Sun​

That title was won at the season-ending Japanese Grand Prix, held at Suzuka. The Japanese circuit is widely regarded as one of the best circuits in the world for driving Formula 1 cars around, with its high-speed sweeping corners all perfectly flowing into the next ones as a perfect ribbon of tarmac - with a bridge! We will be using the modern layout of Suzuka as it is more conducive to racing and the tarmac runoff is a bit more forgiving for our first venture into single-seaters.

Full Grand Prix distance​

As this is a special event, we will be running the full 53 Laps of a Grand Prix distance. To compensate, the event will be starting 1 hour earlier than normal. We have a long Qualifying session so late-joiners have plenty of time to set a lap and still focus on long runs if you need.
  • Practice: 18:00 UTC (10 minutes)
  • Qualifying: 18:10 UTC (30 minutes)
  • Warm Up: 18:40 UTC (5 minutes)
  • Race: 18:45 UTC (53 Laps)

Join our races​

To sign up for this event and find all the instructions please visit this page and post your excited message