rFactor 2 | Q1 Content Drop to Include Long Beach GP Circuit

The first release for rFactor 2's Q1 content drop has come in. The Long Beach GP Circuit will make its way to the simulation this February.

And the layout used will be the current IndyCar version. IndyCar has been racing on the circuit since 2009. However, the circuit has had a long history in North American motorsports.

A similar layout of the track was used in 1975 for a Formula 5000 race, while in the following years, Formula 1 visited the premises. From 1984 until 2008 CART used the circuit until the merger in 2009.

A different variant of the circuit has also been used in 2015 and 2016 to host Formula E races. Even though rFactor 2 has (or had) a partnership with Formula E, it doesn't seem like this variant will be included here.

What you will be able to find, however, is a tight street circuit suited for racing of all kinds.

Once it comes out, it will be interesting to see how it fares in comparison to the version that Automobilista 2 has out already.

Until that day we can only wait and see.

Long Beach GP Circuit will arrive on rFactor 2 on the 21st of February.

What do you think of this addition? Let us know in the comments down below!
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I suspect another BTCC car, perhaps a BTCC track???? Something with a Hybrid system(Wouldn't the new Ferrari be nice? ((either of them the 296 or the 499!!)) )
I might have missed something but I think if a hybrid system was on the cards Q1 it would be in the release candidate already to test it right?
So another one the modding community has already provided...

At least it hasn't stopped them from providing a licensed version... Yet with only 1 layout it seems a bit stunted given what could be accomplished with the roads still being in existence...
I wonder if we will get the new Formula E, since rFactor 2 has been the sim to host virtual Formula E races over the last few years. But I really hope this year will be the Le Mans hypercar year!

About Long Beach, I very rarely play street circuits in any racing sim, but still a very nice addition to rFactor 2.
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