rFactor 2's Quarterly Content Release and UI Refresh Out Now

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An update to rFactor 2 is live now on Steam, and the sim now welcomes four new pieces of content.

Studio 397's social media has kept us busy over the past weeks with the implementation of a new user interface and teasers of upcoming content. That content is now live on Steam for purchase, and the UI has been given an update.

The rapid-fire nature of the content release is part of a new strategy from Studio 397 and Motorsport Games for rFactor 2. Rather than release each bit of new content as it is becomes ready for release, there will be quarterly releases of multiple projects the team has been working on.

The four pieces of content welcomed this quarter include three new cars and a racing circuit. The first and perhaps most notable release is the Dallara IR18 INDYCAR. Studio 397 has bundled all of the teams, drivers and liveries from the 2021 NTT INDYCAR Series for this release.

Along with the INDYCAR, another impactful piece of content released today was Daytona International Speedway. This track has seen a recent boost in popularity in sim racing, with Automobilista 2 and iRacing already having official versions of the circuit, plus a popular mod for Assetto Corsa and an upcoming appearance in Gran Turismo 7.

Two more cars to join the sim this quarter are the Ligier JS P320 and BMW M4 GT3. The former joins a Norma competitor in the LMP3 class, and the latter helps fill out the GT3 class. If you've yet to try the LMP3 class in this title, you may enjoy the ease of use of the car thanks to its aero package and low, wide stance. The BMW has proven to be a popular choice of car in Assetto Corsa Competizione, and should find itself many fans in rF2.

With so many new choices now on offer in rFactor 2, it may be tough to decide what to purchase. If you've bought and experienced any of the four new pieces of content, let us know your thoughts below in the comments.
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I just tried Daytona, it looks good although it seems to need some minor optimisations where as other tracks run a little smoother. Especially when going to dusk.
rFactor 2 just hasn't been on my radar lately because it's much harder for me to do what I like to do with the original rFactor; make fully adjustable gearboxes for the cars. rFactor 1 was much easier for me to do that...
Daytona is epic track, and Indycar car is a lot better fun than F1 cars. Looking forward to experiencing it in sim.
Yes please show my comments, i liked rf2 but during few years they almost did not improved, and everybody here started to cry, my opion was it is not worth buying at least for me as they did not improved online gaming and etc, ok moderator you can erase my comments, but the truth is maybe few people play it, ofcourse it felt for me good on v2.5 fanatec but on sc2pro it nothing special, even guy wrote here that Atlanta is not 100 percent like finished product, so come on and delete my comment as nowadays everybody just jump into hype wagon and usually buy blindly, ofcourse everyone can refund on steam, so i do not care a lot of this pointless rf2 defendors team. Yes ffb was one of best but time passed and other racing devolpers do not sleep ;)

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