Tim Jarschel Wins 2024 DTM Esports Pro championship

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Combining searing pace with consistency, Jarschel took home the title despite a charge from Nikodem Wisniewski and final-round drama.

Images by Gianmarco Fiduci

Tim Jarschel has taken the most hotly-contest crown on RaceRoom, and a share in a €50,000 prize pool, by becoming the 2024 DTM Esports Pro champion.

Heading into to title-deciding round at a virtual Hockenheimring, the Falken SimRacing team driver had 262 points, compared to G2 Esport’s Nikodem Wisniewski on 217.

As with each round this season, there was a 20-minute race and a 30-minute race, with a qualifying session for each.

Race 1​

For the opening race of the final round, it was BMW and Porsches dominating the top 10 grid slots, with Marko Pejic snagging pole, a scant 0.038s ahead of Isaac Price. Jarshel would line up third ahead of 2020 champion Moritz Löhner. Wisniewski would line up in sixth, just behind Gianmarco Fiduci.

DTM Esports Pro 2024 Round 6 Hairpin Race 1.jpg

At the start, Löhner made a trademark lightning start, sweeping around the field to take the lead. Contact between Jarschel and Fiduci sent the Italian spinning, allowing Wisniewski to draw alongside his championship rival – only to then be bump-drafted ahead by team-mate Jakub Brzezinski.

Having lost out at the beginning, Pejic tried to retake the lead but found himself on the outside of Price and then Wisniewski to drop to fourth. On the second lap, Price then let his fellow G2 Esports driver into second, while Leon Rudinger jumped Jarschel.

As the championship leader tried to fight back at the Sachskurve, the Porsche ran into the gravel and dropped to 12th – suddenly, the title battle was wide open. The Falken driver would drop to 15th by the race end.

Moritz Löhner, BMW, MOUZ, DTM Esports 2024.jpg

Up front, however, it was Löhner who dominated to win for MOUZ.

DTM Esports Pro 2024 Round 6, Race 1 results​

  1. Moritz Löhner - MOUZ
  2. Nikodem Wisniewski - G2 Esports
  3. Isaac Price - G2 Esports
  4. Marko Pejic - Veloce
  5. Jakub Brzezinski - G2 Esports
  6. Leon Rudinger - W2 EPRO-GP
  7. Dominik Blajer - Williams Esports
  8. Lucas Müller - Falken SimRacing Team
  9. Jiri Toman - R8G Esports
  10. Kevin Siggy - Team Redline

Race 2​

On to the championship-deciding final race of the virtual DTM year, and Löhner this time would lead from the front securing pole position.

DTM Esports Pro ROund 6 Race 2 pitstop.jpg

Title protagonists Wisniewski and Jarschel would line up second and fourth respectively, split by Fiduci.

As the 30-minute encounter began, the top four positions remained the same until the seventh turn, where Wisniewski grabbed the lead.

Löhner and Jarschel elected to pit with just over 20 minutes remaining, the former undercutting Wisniewski to take back first.

Things looked to be stable, but with under five minutes remaining, contact between Fiduci and Wisniewski at the Spitzkehre allowed Kevin Siggy by into to second and Jarschel onto the podium.

DTM Esports Pro 2024 Round 6 Hairpin Race 2.jpg

Not that it really mattered for the championship anyway, as Jarschel was on target and crossed the line moments later to stand atop the dais.

DTM Esports Pro 2024 Round 6, Race 2 results​

  1. Moritz Löhner - MOUZ
  2. Kevin Siggy - Team Redline
  3. Tim Jarschel - Falken SimRacing Team
  4. Isaac Price - G2 Esports
  5. Nikodem Wisniewski - G2 Esports
  6. Gianmarco Fiduci – Veloce Esports
  7. Jakub Brzezinski – G2 Esports
  8. Leon Rudinger - W2 EPRO-GP
  9. Jack Keithley - Williams Esports
  10. Jiri Toman - R8G Esports
DTM Esports Pro 2024 RaceRoom, Tim Jarschel.jpg

DTM Esports Pro 2024, RaceRoom, Championship standings​

  1. Tim Jarschel - Falken SimRacing Team
  2. Nikodem Wisniewski - G2 Esports
  3. Kevin Siggy - Team Redline
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