If you are new to sim racing it can be a bit of a learning curve understanding where to start. We have teamed up with content creator Ben Harrison to provide a guide to what each sim does best to make navigating the various sims a bit easier.

As well as helping newcomers understand what each sim has to offer, it's also a chance for everyone else to discover something new. Ben kick's off this new series with Automobilista 2, a sim that is very much on the up and up at the moment. If you haven't checked out the Reiza title yet then now might be the time to do so.

It's clear that the visuals in AMS2 are fantastic, especially the day to night transitions and the various weather conditions but there is a lot more to the sim than that. Ben takes a look at some of the parts of the sim which he thinks sets it apart from the other titles out there.

One particular aspect that I like in Ben's video is detailing the variety of options that are on offer in AMS2. Simply put no matter what your racing tastes are, there is likely something for you to enjoy in this sim.

What do you think of Automobilista 2 and what do you think it does well?

This is the second series we have done with Ben from La Broca Sim Racing. If you aren't yet familiar with Ben's content please give his YouTube a visit and consider subscribing for some excellent sim racing content.

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