What's The One Modern Sim You Haven't Yet Tried, And Why?

One person might have to not even try something out for many reasons. In the case of sim racing, there are a few different sims on the market. Have you tried them all, or are you like me, not having tried that one sim because of reasons?

Now, I would like to get things out of the way. The one sim I have yet to try is iRacing. Why? Because the payment system turns me off. Also, I have a limited interest in oval racing.

So, what are the opportunities to select here? Well, that depends on what you count as a "modern sim". For me, that would be the following:
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • rFactor 2
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • Automobilista 2
  • iRacing
Reason: Those are the full-fledged simulators that still receive updates. Assetto Corsa more through community means than developer engagement.

Now to add to that, what could make you try that one sim?

A focus on endurance racing and LMDh could bring me to try out iRacing. And with the recent addition of the BMW M Hybrid V8, iRacing could fulfil my requirements. Adding a few more LMDhs would be needed for me, though.

So what is your sim you have yet to try, why and what would bring you to try it out?
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rFactor 2: Didn't want to spend money on something I wouldn't have time for. I also I don't want another sandbox sim alongside AC since it fits basically all my needs. Might give it a go one day though.
Automobilista 2: Same reasons as RF2.
iRacing: Can't afford it/Don't want to afford it.
I use ACC and AC fairly regularly rn. R3E not so much since I currently do all my competitivie racing in ACC.
Dunno if that would make me a 'jack of all trades', but have them all in my garage and raced them all. Though some are on a pause, e.g. iRacing account on full hibernation due to lots of things going on in personal life.
Though, have to take a look of my BeamNG with fresh eyes after Ermin's and Jimmer's content ,just watched lately here, using the title for pure racing. Especially Ermin's Nordschleife attempt with BeamNG really got me, and besides seriously again, just watching his joyful ride, thinking of investing in wheel upgrade to DD, though maybe entry level DD.
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I have played all these sims, but iRacing was more than 10 years ago, so probably is a different game now.. I just did not like the concept of having to pay for a subscription and for most of the content, and as soon as you end your subscription, you also cannot use the content you paid for until you re-subscribe.
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AC Competizione - because it starts at $40
+ $86 DLC (you know you'll want it) = $126 + more next year...

Yeah, I spent that on (discounted) iRacing subs + DLC over a few years and never MADE time to gain skill on that system w/ anything more than the MX5.

I love the GTR's & just found my old copy of TOCA 2 & it WORKS.
~ firing it up this weekend & hope it will work w/ my G27!

EDIT! 2022-12-14 - just bought AC Competizione

Base game = $9 for Steam CDkey

I've bought 28 games from this site since 2016 (I am in USA)
~ games KEYS I own include Steam, Epic, Uplay & Elder Scrolls
~ never had any problems activating them

ACC - DLC is on sale too...
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iRacing and rFactor 2. I have the latter but haven't gotten around to trying it yet, and I'm not really interested in the former. Not an online racer and I don't particularly care to pay a sub fee for hot laps when I can do that for free in AC, ACC, R3E, etc.
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I tried the rF2 demo and the long load times turned me off. There are too many other choices to be frustrated by what should simply be entertainment software. Therefore, my money was spent elsewhere: AC, ACC, RRRE, AMB2. A monthly "subscription" for a game is not even on my radar, so the iRacing business model seems sketchy at best for my liking.
I own (and love) all of them, except Iracing.
Just to expensive with the monthly subscription + pay content for the use i make.

It is a pity because dave kaemmer made the 2 simulations i love probably the most, Grand Prix Legends and Nascar 2003
I run iRacing, Dirt Rally 2.0 and once in a blue moon KartKraft.

Own but don't use, PC2, AC, ACC and haven't tried the others.

Once your needs are met why bother wasting time setting up and configuring a pile of titles that basically do the same thing. You can argue that they each have various strengths and weaknesses, but if you have something that works for you, everything else just reduces focus.

The thing I like about iRacing is that it's a constant. It always works with everything I've got and pretty much every single piece of hardware on the planet. Everyone is always there. No concerns about fragmenting the drivers between different versions or releases of the product. It just is.

Also once you have "all" the various hardware supplements to your rig that means maintaining a pile of different configurations for every title. I don't want to mess with that.
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I own both ACC and AMS2 but disappointed with the performance on my current setup. Upgrading to a 3060ti when Santa comes so gonna give them another go.

iRacing and rFactor2 are the main stays in my racing library, the more I play the less I want anything else.
I've tried them all and currently I have the following installed:

1. RBR Vanilla ( since 2010 ) ( First purchased as an XBOX game back in 2004 )
2. AC ( since launch )
3. ACC ( since launch )
4. WRC G ( since launch )

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