Write Your Own Story: MotoGP 23 Career Mode Details Unveiled

Single-player modes often seems to be an afterthought in sim racing. Bike racing fans have nothing to fear in MotoGP 23 when it comes to solo action, though: Milestone and Dorna have revealed details of the Career Mode, which promises an engaging way to play the game and write their own stories along the way.

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To offer a rewarding experience to players of all skill levels, MotoGP 23 relies on its Neural Aid System desgined to assist with braking, acceleration and handling. It is based on neural network technology, and while no further details on how it works were given, it reads like the system is capable of adjusting the level of support for players on the fly. The MotoGP Academy offers the opportunity to fully learn how to control a bike and become quick with it.

Just like in previous years, the new MotoGP game comes with the junior categories Moto2 and Moto3, and both are incorporated in 23's career mode: Starting towards the end of a Moto3 season, players immediately take the destiny of their rider into their own hands. Their results will determine whether they will stay in Moto3, move up to Moto2 or even take the plunge and enter MotoGP immediately.

A shortened 10-race season is available as well as a full 21-race calendar, which includes the Kazhakstan and Indian GPs - the former had to be canceled due to ongoing homolgation work at the track, the latter is still in question as the circuit is not homologated yet.

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Decisions with Impact​

The Career Mode will include key moments that require a decision by the player to advance. These moments are called Turning Points, and they are going to change the path of the ongoing career depending on the players' choices and their results. As an example, this includes contract decisions or whether or not to move up to the next category. Bike development can also be influenced by results and objectives, encouraging players to contest multiple seasons.

To add even more depth, rivalries and alliances with other riders will be possible. They are formed by on-track behavior, but also via a fictional social network that serves as a communication platform - other riders might like your comments, but also dislike you for them, which makes them more or less competitive against you on track.

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Dynamic Teams and Hierarchies​

Team dynamics also come into play when trying to move up through the ranks of the MotoGP circus: Objectives will need to be met in order to minimize the risk of getting fired, and to secure a spot in one of the works teams' roster, players have to prove themselves in one of their satellite teams.

Once they achieved the status of first rider within a team, they can also significantly influence development of their motorcycle, even offering the chance to obtain the same upgrades as a works team by placing especially well before the summer break after the Dutch TT at Assen. These upgrades and changes in team hierarchy result in the next season always being different from the one that preceded it, giving the mode a high replayability value.

MotoGP 23 is set to be released for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S & One, and Nintendo Switch on June 8th.

Your Thoughts​

Are you looking forward to MotoGP 23's Career Mode? Which riders would you like to have alliances with - and who would be good rivals? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Hopefully in this years version you can actually turn into corners lol. I understand it is supposed to be a sim, but 99 percent of the player base will be playing this on a gamepad since Motorcycle controllers aren't really popular. I tried MotoGP 22, and it's a bit ridiculous 4 or 5 hours in on easy mode you can barely complete a lap without having to use the 'reverse' function of skidding off the track.

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