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  1. TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3 Gets 2023 TT Races Roster DLC

    TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3 Gets 2023 TT Races Roster DLC

    Released earlier this year, the official Isle of Man TT game, Ride on the Edge 3 today gets a selection of 2023 liveries in the 2023 TT Roster DLC. Here is what the pack offers. In early May, just before this year’s race, the official game for the Isle of Man TT bike race released as the third...
  2. Write Your Own Story: MotoGP 23 Career Mode Details Unveiled

    Write Your Own Story: MotoGP 23 Career Mode Details Unveiled

    Single-player modes often seems to be an afterthought in sim racing. Bike racing fans have nothing to fear in MotoGP 23 when it comes to solo action, though: Milestone and Dorna have revealed details of the Career Mode, which promises an engaging way to play the game and write their own stories...
  3. TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3 Pre-Orders Open - All You Need To Know

    TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3 Pre-Orders Open - All You Need To Know

    Pre-orders for TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 are now open. With two purchase options currently available, several perks come with a pre-ordered version of the game. Here's all you need to know. Image Credit: Nacon Scheduled for release on May 11, TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 is just...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    RIDE 4 RIDE 4 | New Gameplay Footage Trailer Released

    Milestone have released a brand new trailer showcasing the first gameplay footage from the upcoming RIDE 4 title. New trailer shows the Suzuka Grand Prix Circuit. Gameplay using the KTM superbike. All footage currently work in progress, game to release October 8th. RIDE 4 promises to be the...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    MGP20 MotoGP 20 | Now Available

    The latest instalment to the long running MotoGP series of videogames is now available. Releasing before the real world series managed to turn a wheel in anger, Milestone have today made available for purchase the new MotoGP '20 videogame on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo...
  6. Andy_J

    TT Isle of Man - The Game 2

    I am going on Monday. Late booking, B&B sorted on Bray Hill. :confused::) I love the atmosphere at the TT. Bike is prepped, ready to go, going on my Triumph T509 this year. Any one else going?
  7. Kevin Cox


    Anyone tried the MXGP demo on steam yet? I've have and it freaking awesome! :D
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    RIDE 4 RIDE 4

    Milestone have released a new teaser trailer from the freshly announced RIDE 4 videogame. Set to made available next year, and now enjoying a new partnership with multiple MotoGP World Champions Yamaha - Milestone have today confirmed the fourth instalment of the popular RIDE series of games is...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Supercross 2 - The Game

    Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 2. Having seen the first entry into this reasonably new franchise received to mixed reviews back in 2018, Milestone appeared to have doubled down the effort for the second edition to the official...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    MGP19 New MotoGP 19 Update Available Now

    A new patch for MotoGP 19 has been released. Ok folks fair warning, the notes connected to the new MotoGP 19 update will take some time to read - so get yourself a drink, find a comfortable spot to rest up, turn off the TV and prepare to settle down for a long read... MotoGP 19 Update Notes...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    MGP19 MotoGP 19: New Update Released

    Milestone have deployed a fresh update for their brand new MotoGP 19 bike racing title. Released recently with promise of being the most advanced and polished title within the MotoGP franchise of games, Milestone certainly appear to have made some very solid improvements to the new game...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    MGP19 MotoGP 19 Released

    Milestone have recently released their latest bike racing game to the world - MotoGP 19. The official videogame of the 2019 MotoGP racing series, Milestone have recently released the brand new MotoGP videogame to console and PC platforms. Featuring all the teams, bikes and riders of the 2019...
  13. Aaron Smythe

    RIDE 3 RIDE 3

  14. Paul Jeffrey

    MGP18 MotoGP 18 - First Gameplay Footage (and it looks goooood)

    Milestone have released the first gameplay footage from MotoGP 18 using the Unreal 4 engine, showing a very visually pleasing new title. Although only just over one minute in length, this new video release from the upcoming MotoGP 18 title is the first time we have seen the Unreal 4 game...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Supercross - The Game

    Milestone Games are nothing if not prolific, and now the Italian development team are set to add another new game to their impressively large roster.. introducing Supercross The Game! With an official licence to represent the Monster Energy AMA Supercross bike racing series, Milestone have at...

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