WTCR 2021 Car Pack is Coming to RaceRoom

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A car pack based on the 2021 WTCR season, including a new car and real-world liveries, is coming to RaceRoom soon.

Fans of wheel-to-wheel racing in tin top cars will be getting some new content soon for RaceRoom Racing Experience. A new season of the WTCR cars is coming to the sim.

Along with all of the 2021 liveries, a new car in the Hyundai Elantra N TCR will be added, plus updates to the Audi RS3 LMS TCR.

The TCR cars rank among the most exciting and well-loved cars in RaceRoom, and have developed a following thanks to the close racing action and unique handling characteristics of the cars. While most of the sim racing world revolves around rear wheel drive vehicles with huge horsepower values, WTCR instead favours front wheel drive layouts and relatively conservative power values.

Nothing has yet been confirmed as far as the date for release, but timelines between announcement and release are typically short in RaceRoom.

Will you drive the new WTCR pack? Have you driven previous editions of the WTCR cars in RaceRoom? Let us know on Twitter at @RaceDepartment or in the comments below.
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Love watching Touring Cars, hate driving them (apart from DTM)

It's that front wheel drive thing - great for giving traction and safety to a family car with the weight of the engine at the front, but for racing where the weight shifting becomes a thing, nah.
Again with RR, so much like previous packs, I might just pick a cheaper, better value pack from a previous year. Or buy the new Hyundai separately if it's notably better and different to previous cars. But it's far from a marque with cache to get excited about.
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Ok will tell you frankly, i like tcr on r3e a lot, most fail wgen i get bad framrates! Even testing single car on track, please change your old dx9 team. Btw earlier it went smoothly! Wtf i’m not noob i know my hardware, i know all tweaks those were suggested on youtube they worked for few times , i know it is somwhere soft pissing on me, but tell me ladies and gentelmens, how the hell TCR cars those are superb with my SC2pro , i can not play of dx9 bullshit, german guys are not stupid but they lost their place again… iR - americans took my money, no hassle just pure adrenalin apart some idiots :) R3E please let make my dreams come true, update graphic engine, and i will buy all TCr cars, they are the best out of this worls! iR player saying this to you;)
From one year to another it's always the same packs...This game has no evolution as frozen in time, its hopeless. However I will try, maybe buy then I will leave because there is no point in investing in this game sry
I sorta get what you're saying, but for one thing, if you like WTCR as a series, it's not so bad. :rolleyes: But also RaceRoom as a whole IMO is far from hopeless.

I actually really applaud RaceRoom for sticking with their sim after a rocky start, developing their software product into something quite solid over time, continuing to release new current content, and having licensed series for which they have (almost) all cars and many (if not all) tracks. I wish they had historic tracks (or even just old layouts like the original Nurb GP first sector) to suit their historic cars -- but for their modern-day series, RaceRoom does a great job of providing quite complete experiences.

Does it have impressive lighting in its graphics? No. Does it have rain? No. Does it have night-time? No. But within those constraints RaceRoom IMO does a good job at having a diverse yet well-refined product with many complete experiences for modern series like WTCC, WTCR, and DTM and other GT3-type series with enjoyable offline and online gameplay. Plus lots of cool historic cars. That's an impressive list of accomplishments. :)
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Seeing the results of popularity, published here at RD, we all know RR is just a tiny niche within the small racesim niche it self. I’m 100% sure if this game can reach more buyers it will eventually hop over to DX12/Vulcan and does have the budget to improve the game.

Still I repeat here, its absolutely not a bad race game, it only needs more buyers.
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I wish R3E would update its graphics.

On my 1440p ultrawide it just looks...bad, even with settings maxed out and Reshade, it just spoils the immersion for me.

And I really like the way it drives, the sounds, the cars available, the offline capability (even if it does need some more work)... but the way it looks just puts me right off.

Way too many other sims to invest my time in right now!
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I can fully understand the salty comments to the outdated dx9 graphics engine.

But VR racing the DTM 1992 Pack @ Bilsterberg with my low-end RX 580 fits extremely well together with my mid-range simrig.
Have had R3E on Steam library since it's pre-release, but just recent starting racing DLC content, and to me it's still plenty of fun, even though R3E might just be #4-5 on my personal sim list.
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The game needs a graphical overhaul before I plough any more money into it. Used to be my go-to sim but sadly R3E is really showing its age now.
Agree too. Apparently much work was done on GTR 3 for SimBin UK before that was canned. Would be great if KW Studios finally gives R3E a new coat of paint as everything else in R3E is solid.
The question is how? With their economic model can they change the graphics engine and keep the current cars and tracks ?

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