F1 1997 Helmets & Suits Pack 1.1

    This pack includes all the helmets and suits from the 1997 F1 early season. The mod is heavily bounded by other several mods for the 1997 F1 season. I really hope one day all the authors will cooperate to release just one big mod for this season (in that case, this mod is available to be...
  2. kudos_kudos

    Jerez 1997 Sponsors 1.0

    This track skin is for "jerez" track mod. Preview and screenshots Installation: copy the content folder to "assettocorsa" folder. For content creators: If you are uploading a video with one of my sound mods or trackskin please mention me as @ProphetimusYT and share the source video link...
  3. Puerk0spin

    Lister Storm #45 & #46 Le Mans 24h 1997 adaptation 1

    Adaptation mostly handmade for RSS Tornado V12, that tries to recreate the 1997 liveries for the missing Lister Storm GTL, that has a totally different shape. These could be the temporary replacement for the correct model until the day whoever release it. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. M

    Ford Escort Maxi Kit Car Gwyndaf Evans 1997 Livery 1.1

    Gwyndaf Evans/Howard Davies' livery for the Escort Maxi Kit Car, used during the last few events of the 1997 British Rally Championship Installation Follow this tutorial to enable the installation of modded .pak files. Then, unzip the .rar archive and drop the file into your WRC "Paks"...
  5. M

    Ford Escort Maxi 1997 Simmonite/Simmonite Livery 1.4

    A livery mod for the Ford Escort Kit Car in Stephanie/Rachael Simmonite's 1997 livery used in the British Rally Championship. The mesh for the car in the game is slightly different to the kit car body used for this livery, so some small creative liberties have had to be taken Installation...
  6. M

    Ford Escort Maxi Kit Car 1999 Julian Porter Livery 1.4

    The livery used by Julian Porter during the 1999 season of the BRC. Replaces this livery: Installation Follow this tutorial to enable the installation of modded .pak files. Then, unzip the .rar archive and drop the file into your WRC "Paks" folder. If playing through Steam, the...
  7. moody1500

    VRC Pageau 46 - Peugeot Esso - STW 1997 1.0

    Jörg van Ommen #9 & Laurent Aiello #10 Works for both CSP and non CSP version
  8. Gregz0r

    melbourne_2019 (ACU): 1997 Broadcast F1 TV cams. 1.1

    Broadcast 1997 F1 TV cameras for the melbourne_2019 track, although it should also work for all ACU versions of this track. There’s also an included optional lighting.ini file, for those who aren’t using SOL or Pure, as the default file has the sunlight(and therefore shadows) coming from the...
  9. Puerk0spin

    TWR WSC Porsche LMP1 1997 Le Mans 24h skin 1

    #7 (Winner of that edition) It isn't much accurate because the 3D model is from 1998 edition chassis. It fits with "fialmp_porsche_LMP1-98"
  10. Puerk0spin

    Panoz Esperante GTR-1 1997-1998 Le Mans 24h skins (Bonus) 0.5

    Here comes a golden pack for everyone who loves Panoz Esperante GTR-1. There's a version of #52 DAMS as the team had to change the bonnet of the car and I think they match the piece from the Test car:sneaky:. There's also both silver Panoz from 1998 race. This skins fits with "legion_panoz_gtr1".
  11. Puerk0spin

    McLaren F1 GTR Longtail 1997 Le Mans 24h skins 0.5

    Team Davidoff entrants for 24h of Le Mans 1997 edition #39 #40 #41 These skins are for "mclaren_f1gtr_longtail" mod but think they also fit on Legion's one.
  12. Puerk0spin

    Marcos LM600 GT2 1997 Le Mans 24h skins 0.5

    Skins for bem_marcos_LM600_gen1, and also for ag_marcos_LM600_gt2 (choose what you prefer) ready to fill 1997 LM24 grid. @BEmodding
  13. Puerk0spin

    Porsche 911 GT1 (993) 1997 Le Mans 24h skins 1.1

    These are for ag_porsche_993_gt1 mod. #27 BMS Scuderia Italia #28 Konrad Motorsport #29 Societé Jabouille Bouresche #33 Schübel Engineering I've paid attention to all details, including wheels and blurring. Done on December 2022 but forgotten until now. Still not accurate but some pieces of...
  14. nottodaysatan

    1997 Le Mans Grid Preset 1.0

    Continuing the releases of 'as accurate as possible' grid presets of classic long distance races with the 1997 Le Mans. 1997 was the birth of the FIA GT class. Unfortunately not all liveries are available but we will add as many as we can. There are many different versions of the FIA GT cars...
  15. DavidDGA

    1997 Ferrari 333SP - Le Mans Skinpack 1.1

    Here are both Ferrari 333SP that ran at Le Mans in 1997. Some little changes done in these skins. Both teams repeated design the following year, whose skins are already made: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1998-ferrari-333sp-le-mans-skinpack.56607/ This skinpack is made for RSS...
  16. Puerk0spin

    Le Mans 1997 Pilot Racing #4 Skin for F333SP 1.0

    I did it from the 1998 #10 one, but made most of the logos by hand. Not perfect, but hard-worked. Skin for "legion_ferrari_f333sp Driven by Michel Ferté, Adrián Campos and Charles Nearburg I hope you enjoy it. If you like this work and want more, let me know in your reviews, and help me...
  17. DarkStryder360

    VRC Fortix Mando - Ford Mondeo BTCC 1997 - Hoy #9 | Radisich #15 1.0

    VRC Fortix Mando - Ford Mondeo BTCC 1997 - Hoy #9 | Radisich #15 Double trouble - both Hoy and Radisich liveries are in the download (sun visor colour, and number boards) Hopefully it is pretty accurate. I struggled to find references of the spoiler logos though, sadly...
  18. R

    Heroes of a Lost Nation, Past and Present vol 3 1.2

    The liverys are not 1:1 recreations (since im just an amateur), they are "inspired by" the real cars, the mod used is the VRC tourers you can get them in their store. This time i made 4 skins not very proud of how one of them resulted, unfortunelly the desing i choosed is a bit complex and there...
  19. Neko Taisen

    FIA GT 1997 Privateer's 911 GT1 skin pack 1.0

    Hi everyone ! I present new a new historical skin pack about privateers' Porsches 911 GT1 during the FIA GT 1997. I adapted the type 993 privateers' cars on the type 996. DISCLAIMER : The banners and tyres are not from me. What are actually available today ? - Kremer Racing #21 - BMS Scuderia...
  20. I

    1997 PPG CART World Series 0.91

    Experience the 1997 CART cars in AMS2 and for the first time in any sim/game since CART Precision Racing in the late 90s! Includes more drivers than the F-USA Gen 2 grid currently has, so you will need to swap out some cars using the XML files if you want the ones not used by default. Drivers...

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