FIA GT 1997 Privateer's 911 GT1 skin pack

FIA GT 1997 Privateer's 911 GT1 skin pack 1.0

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Hi everyone !
I present new a new historical skin pack about privateers' Porsches 911 GT1 during the FIA GT 1997.
I adapted the type 993 privateers' cars on the type 996.

DISCLAIMER : The banners and tyres are not from me.

What are actually available today ?
- Kremer Racing #21

- BMS Scuderia Italia #22 (some sponsors are from @AlexBfromG thanks to you)

- G-Force #30

- Roock Racing #16

- Konrad Motorsport #26
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Latest updates

  1. Final release

    Finished the two last liveries. - Roock Racing #16 - Konrad Motorsport #26

Latest reviews

Love those late 90´s early 00´s skins.

I would love to see a skin for Kremer´s GT1 of 24h of Le Mans of 1997 (n° 30) too.

Btw, congrats for the skins!!!
woweeee!!!!! thx!
These are great, thanks.
I'd love to see someone do the skins from the cars that ran at Le Mans in 1997
Will you also include the Schubel Rennsport #18? Great work though.
Neko Taisen
Neko Taisen
Maybe, If I have enough ressources of the real cars.
Nice pack, although Knrad and Roock are missing all the sponsor logos.
Neko Taisen
Neko Taisen
Thanks, like what I wrote on the description ^^
They're still on WIP.

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